Patricia S (21 Nov 2011)
""reply:Witchcraft plants in the Church""

Thanks Chris and Frank,
Witchcraft comes in all shapes and sizes, Satan is at work in these last days to render the church useless, to undermine the spiritual strength of the church so the Christians do not get the spiritual food they need.  All the right words are still said but those words will fall in a heap on the ground unless we are all sold out to righteousness and obediance to our Lord and Saviour Jesus Christ.
I have just left the church I have been going to, a pentacostal church.  There is a lady in our church that was saved 2 years ago, she is living with her boyfriend and is now ministering in the church - the Pastor said that God sees them as being married, I told the Pastor No but he refused to budge on his beliefs.
A little bit of it crumble - this is Satans plan
I cannot for the life of me understand how anyone, especially a Bible learned person can believe such rot, how can a person be so blind, what is causing this blindness, it definitely has to be something bigger than the Pastors desire to be obediant to God and his word.
Patricia S.