Neil Lipken (21 Nov 2011)
"Powerful personal event this past August signals the Rapture this fall-----we hope!"

To everyone at Five Doves I would like to relate something very powerful that happened to me in August of this year.  I was at home with our stereo playing music and doing an indoor exercise walk around the house (it was in the 90's outside and too hot to walk outside).  I was also praying (not out loud) while I was walking.  I was kidding with the Lord and said, "Well, Lord, if you are coming back THIS FALL, then this stereo could break down and it would not matter".  The audio CD player is 16 years old and has worked perfectly all this time.  In less than one minute after I said that prayer (again, not out loud), the song on the CD player "skipped".  In other words, a song was playing, the song stopped, there was silence for a few seconds, and then the song started up again further down the track.  In the next five minutes this happened THREE times.  I was absolute stunned at what had just happened, and my first thought was ironically that now I was going to have to fix it (I had just prayed that it was alright to go out if the Rapture was this fall!), but more importantly that the Lord was signaling me that indeed the Rapture was going to happen THIS FALL!  Well, the Lord was most kind!  After it skipped the three times, it has played perfectly from August till now, and I have played it many times, including the CD that skipped.  Obviously "this fall" ends on December 21st, so there is only about a month left for "this fall".  

I am a Jewish Christian and have been teaching end time Bible prophecy for almost 31 1/2 years, averaging twice per week teaching during that time period.  The full course that I now teach is over 250 hours long.  I am sure that many of you at Five Doves are familiar with the fact that the Great Tribulation (last 3 1/2 years of Daniel's 70th week which we call the Tribulation Period) is shortened by one third (Matt. 24:21 & 22 and Rev. 8:12).  One third of 3 years and 6 months is one year and 2 MONTHS.  We normally would expect the Rapture to occur around Rosh Hashanah in any given year, so if the Rapture was to occur 2 MONTHS later than expected, then by the Second Coming (with the shortening of the Great Tribulation) all would come out "even" so to speak.  This fall the SECOND new moon after Rosh Hashanah happens to fall right on Thanksgiving this coming Thursday!  There is much speculation right now as to whether Israel is going to move against Iran before winter sets in.  Otherwise Israel may have to wait till next spring because of operational difficulties during the winter.  Throughout the Bible the Rapture is associated with an event of "sudden destruction" upon the world at virtually the same moment as we are going up in the Rapture.  In recent years I have believed that it is very likely that the coming war between Israel and Iran will be that "sudden destruction" event that is linked to the Rapture.  In the ashes of the aftermath of that war the antichrist will arise to power, of course after the Rapture.

So, this coming week might be a very interesting week!  We shall see.  Anyway, I am still amazed at what happened to my stereo back in August after praying that prayer!

Neil Lipken

P.S.  I am also sending this e-mail to some of my e-mail friends.

P.P.S.  Israel is now 63 1/2 years old, and the hour is very late in these End Times.  According to scripture people will be "eating, drinking, buying, selling, planting, building, marrying, etc." at the time of the Rapture.  In other words, life will be very normal at the time of the Rapture.  The coming of the Son of Man is JUST LIKE the days of Noah (Matt. 24:37).  In Noah's day no one would listen to his warnings, and only he and seven others (his family) survived the flood.  Today is very much the same.  The vast majority of churches pay no attention whatsoever to the fact that we are very near the Rapture, and many pastors go to great lengths to avoid this topic, though it is THE most important topic in the Bible right now at this time in history!  Let me give you an example of what this would have been like two thousand years ago.  Let's say that a rabbi was giving an Old Testament Bible study in the days that Jesus was walking around Judea (back then a province of the Roman Empire).  The rabbi was told that the Messiah was virtually walking right past the door of his Old Testament Bible study every day.  But the rabbi went to great lengths to avoid acknowledging that fact, and did not want to talk about it!  This is what is happening today!