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"Comments from Nando about Clay Cantrells four posts"


Clay Cantrell (28 Nov 2011) “The Account of December 5, 1997″ (do not miss reading the whole thing! Nando))

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It is with great pleasure that I read this post today of Clay Cantrell’s walk with the Lord and his revealing of things that are to come and the numbers that tie them together.

There is so much information in this post that it requires careful scrutiny and observation.

Thank you Clay for giving us the insight into your journey and communications with the Lord.


Clay Cantrell (28 Nov 2011)
The Account of December 5, 1997

Readers -

when it gets to be this time of year, I post this link. this is especially for new readers that may not be familiar with my testimony.

it gives a partial accounting of a supernatural visitation from God that started December 5th, 1997 and lasted for about eight days. The power of God that was on me because of His presence stayed well into 1998, though, and two months later i was still feeling it.

thanks to John Tng for keeping it up on his main home page!

special note:
there is one error in the Update re Ascensions section, which I will have to correct at some point.

that Dream of the White Rooms occurred on March 23, 2010

not August 23, as I mistakenly typed in the account.

the correct date is pretty important actually.


I finished this post at 5 PM and went to the grocery store to buy the weekly groceries. Before I went I had the opportunity to read all of your posts today in fivedoves and all the time I kept thinking that in some of your posts it was difficult for me to follow your numbers and was left in limbo as to the reasons you used to go the way you did and the conclusions that you formulate from the numbers that you choose.

The message that you are transmitting is intended for the church and in the church most of the members lack a mathematical and scientific education to follow complex numbers and conclusions.

I take it very seriously that the Lord has inspired or shown things to you with the purpose of enlightening His body of believers and for that reason you must labor more to present your material in a logical and more explained manner so that most of the doves and readers can follow you better.

I was debating whether to write this critique all the time that I was at the groceries but I feel that the Lord answer that question for me when I reached the car to load the groceries. Parked next to me was a car with the license plate 777_ XDQ and as you know the 777 is God’s # and the probability of seeing it when three numbers are involved is 1/1000 so I am doing it at 6:30 PM.

To illustrate my point I am going to put below a page I did today for one of my clients withthe purpose of showing you the material that I handle daily and to show you that only a very trained person in my field would feel comfortable in understanding what is there without a very detailed explanation,

Here it goes:




DATE: 11-28-11




Design of stair beams A (Rectangular HSS 10x2x3/16) (S = 8.74 in3)(Span = 10’-0”)

                                         (Steel A500 Grade B)



DL tube = 14.53 PLF

DL steel tread 3/16” = (7.66 x 1.83’ x 2.83’) x 12/11 = 43.3 PLF

Conc. 2” tread filler = (2.08 x 12 x 2.83’) x 12/11 = 77.1 PLF

DL railing = 25 PLF

wLL = 100 PSF x 2.83’ = 283 PLF

wtotal = 14.53 + 43.3 + 77.1 + 283 = 418 PLF

End reaction R = 418 x 10 / 2 = 2,090 #

M = wl2 / 8 = 418 x 102 / 8 = 5,225 ft-lb

Fb = 0.66 x 42,000 = 27,720 psi

fb = M / S = 5,225 x 12 / 8.74 = 7,174 psi < Fb  Ok


Design of member D


Plate ½” x 8” x 6’-1”

Steel A36

S = bd2/6 = 0.5 x 82 / 6 = 5.33 in3

End reaction R = 2,090 #

Moment M = 2,090 x 8.5” = 17,765 in-lb

Fb = 0.75 Fy = 0.75 x 36,000 = 27,000 psi

fb = M / S = 17,765 / 5.33 = 3,333 psi < Fb   Ok


Check 3/16” fillet welds in 2” x 4” holes  


Allowable load of 3/16” E70xx per inch = 2,780 #/in

Total allow. Force of vert. welds = (4” + 4”) x 2,780 = 22,240 #

End reaction R = 2,090 #    Ok


Check 3/16” plate at treads (span 5’-8”)


Live Load = 300 # or 100 plf

Dead load = 43.3 + 77.1 = 120.4 #/ft

Moment M1 = Pl/4 + wl2/8 = (300 x 5.67’ / 4) + (120.4 x 5.672 / 8) = 909.1 ft-lb or

Moment M2 = wl2/8 = 220 x 5.672 / 8 = 884.1 ft-lb

Properties from Autocad properties

Ix = 14.776 in4 , Sxtop = 2.64 in3 , Sxbot = 11.09 in3

Fb = 0.75 x 36,000 = 27,000 psi

fb = M / S = 909.1 x 12  / 2.64 = 4,132 psi < Fb  Ok


Now if I had to explain this sheet to a non trained person my presentation would have to include a lot more information than just the above.

This is the design of two stair beams marked A in the drawing that is included and the beams are made of two (High Strength Beams) HSS with a width of 2″ and a depth of 10″ whose thickness is 3/16″  and with a Section Modulus (a property that relates to the capacity of the member to carry load in units of inches cubed)  S =8.74 whose horizontal distance from supports (first to second floor) is ten feet.

Design of stair beams A (Rectangular HSS 10x2x3/16) (S = 8.74 in3)(Span = 10’-0”)

This may not make it understandable to all who read it, but the amount of people that do understand it will be more.

Now my point is also if I had trouble following you at times and I live with numbers, although different ones, others will not even bother when it is such an important message from the Lord that is shown to you.

In brotherly conversation and not unbelief,