Mike Curtiss (5 Nov 2011)
"Sarcozy No more tax havens its a Code Word for One World Currency"


Dear Doves,

                 Obama was busy insulting French President Sarkozy's ugliness, the financial world was waiting to hear that the EU had contained the spread of collapsing world banks. However, I was completely enthralled at something very few listeners heard. Sarcozy demanded that all know financial havens ( code for tax free zones to retain control of ones own hard earned money ) be closed down. 
                 Just how did Sarcozy plan to halt the flow of money into tax havens? Simple issue a single currency which would make all other currencies obsolete.  Each person would also be issued a smart debt card unique to their bank account. Government would have instant computer access to any bank account to impound funds from tax evaders and scofflaws.  If this isn't a one world currency or the Mark of the Beast debt card, I don't know what they might be.

No more tax havens, says Sarkozy as G20 wraps up