Michael Colunga (26 Nov 2011)
"Book Review Requested"

Hello, John and Doves,
Brother Paul, rather than spending your money on something incomplete, may I suggest a book ordered by my Pastor, Ray Bentley [of Maranatha Chapel, San Diego, CA].
We had a Men's Breakfast one particular time, and the book we all bought and studied was Randy Alcorn's book, Heaven.  If you have any questions after reading this book, then you'll just have to wait until you get there.  The book is that good.
One side note:
My pastor called Randy Alcorn [it was arranged, of course] at that Men's Breakfast, and asked him if there would be surfing in heaven.  Randy's answer was that "there will be no more sea" [Revelation 21:1] probably refers to Jesus talking about one flock made up of both saved Jews and saved Gentiles[John 10:16].  Thus, there will no longer be any sea of Gentiles, since we will be one happy family.  Another possible interpretation, according to Randy, is that there will be bodies of water no larger than the Great Lakes [which do experience weather, even sudden weather changes--like the Sea of Galilee].  Thus, there would not, on the new heavens and earth, be quite so large a body as the Mediterranean Sea [called, "the Sea" in the Bible].
Here is the URL to buy the book:
Baruch HaShem Adonai Roi,
Mike C.
Paul Wilson (14 Nov 2011)
"Book Review Requested"

I would like a review of these two books I am wanting to know if I should buy them or not. I don’t want to buy them and find out it has so many errors that it can’t be real. I have read a book by a famous preacher that turned out to be that way. The first book is “My Time In Heaven” by SIGMUND RICHARD and the second is “A Place Called Heaven” by Richard Sigmund. same author just listed differently.