Matthew (1 Nov 2011)


Dear John and All Doves!

I’m led to share another dream once more. After reading some of the letters, everything is confirmation. God is using all His Vessels! I can only praise His Holy Name... singing Davids Gates' song: Do You Believe He's Coming? HalleluYah!!
I don’t always share all dreams and revelations, but only as led by The Holy Spirit. This morning, October 31, I woke up knowing that I had a meaningful dream, but I just couldn’t remember it. I was expectant, for I asked God sincerely for another dream or revelation… just needing more. During Morning Prayer and Worship it came to me and I could remember it almost as if having awakened right after the dream:

I was dreaming of a document, which must have been important of some sort, but it was the title thereof that got my attention. It said 11:44. For some reason I instantly knew, in the dream, that it was referring to Daniel 11:44. That was all.

I have shared previously how Daniel 11 & 12 also shows on The Rapture(s)… with 11:44 speaking of The East (The 144000 Young ‘Naked’ Men… John 21:7-8; Mark 14:51, Zech 9:8-17…KJV) and The North (The Bride of Christ), but I also kept on thinking of it as A Time or Day. It is 16 minutes to 12. I was led to use the 12 as being An Unknown Day of significance in the future. It being 16 days still to That Time/Day, I counted 16 days on from today and landed on November 15. We are to WATCH DAILY!! However, this date is somehow important… even more so, because of the October 15 Date:
It was/is significant! I was led to this day by the 188 day intervals of the alignments of ELENIN with the Earth and Sun… the 188th verse of The Holy Bible is Gen 8:4… the seventeenth day of the seventh month when Noah’s Ark came to rest on The Mountains of Ararat. Something I only realized today, is that the Turkey Earthquake happened on Sunday, October 23, approximately Seven (7) Days after October 15.  As The Days of Noah!  Could it have been a possible sign of The Ark Resting on Mt Ararat? Ten days after October 15, on October 25, I heard The Door Opened?
Well, 21 days from October 25 is also November 15. Are we currently in a 21-Day Open Door Period? A 7-Day Warning for A Final Period, A Last Chance to Enter The Ark before The Door is Shut. 7 Days before the end of The Open Door Period will be on November 9… 119 (11X9=99) [If 100% refers to Fullness or Completion, than 99% is 1 percentage short of it.] The 99 and The One (1) Lost (Last) Sheep? May All Come In Now!

I also found this document about October 15 1981:,%201981.pdf

This might be old news for some. It is said that it has coded messages, as with the current ad’s and movies andsoforth. It reminds me of the movie Knowing… the 81 amongst other things… 9X9=81. Nine = Judgment. Remember Nineveh? Nineveh means City of Fish! Also Elenin! Both have the word Nine in it.
I have no idea why 11:44 is linked to a document in the dream, other than the fact that I have made it the title of this letter. The Holy Spirit leads us with so much… dreams, visions and revelations. Still, God holds the future. May this be received as encouragement as we look forward to Jesus’ Appearance… Our Day of Redemption. Glory to God! Everything is in God’s Hands…
I received 2 Kings 19 as Word for Today, with King Hezekiah’s Prayer and God’s Answer concerning the king of Assyria. I am led that it links to the king of the south in Daniel 11:44 and the dragon of Revelations 12… the ancient serpent called the devil, who leads the whole world astray. What also came to mind was that Nineveh is the capital of Assyria, built by Nimrod, Genesis 10:10. Our Almighty Father is in Full Control!
May we all be led by The Holy Spirit! Repent for The Kingdom of Heaven is at hand.
Watch ye therefore, and pray always, that ye may be accounted worthy to escape all these things that shall come to pass, and to stand before the Son of man.

Luke 21:36


God bless each and everyone. 
Your brother in Christ.