Mathman (29 Nov 2011)


Dear Doves,


In my post today titled “Ron Reese's Calculations MAKE SENSE!!”, I stated the following:


“As such, should, in the very near future, the earth start rumbling and the moon turn to blood and the sun be darkened, quickly look around you for those who look fearful and without hope and do your best to get them to accept Jesus right then and there.  You may not have time to do this (I’m pretty sure you won’t), but you never know if you can sneak a few more people to “get in the Ark” before the Rapture.  Again, I am not at all sure how rapidly the Rapture will happen once it starts to happen, but there COULD be time???  If possible, try not to get caught up in it.


When I said, “Try not to get caught up in it”, I meant the excitement of the Rapture if our calmness means a few more souls could possibly be won in time before we depart.  I did NOT, in any way, mean we should try to avoid the Rapture.  Anyone not wanting to go up in the Rapture, and instead be left behind, would not have thought this through properly (and is certainly not what I would want for anyone).  I just wanted to clarify this with absolute certainty because when I re-read what I had written, I noticed that what I wrote could have been accidentally interpreted this way.


By the way, I am not at all sure if we will have an opportunity to witness in these few seconds / minutes or even at all prior to the Rapture, but it just seems, IMO, that if there is a chance to “nab” a few more on the way up, wouldn’t that be fantastic.  Also, I am not sure if there will be any signs just prior to the Rapture (rumbling / moon to blood / sun darkened).  Indeed, it instead could very well be just like the movie “Left Behind” where, in silence, only clothes were left behind.  Obviously, we won’t be sure until the Rapture actually happens.


Ybic, MathMan