Mathman (29 Nov 2011)
"Ron Reese's Calculations MAKE SENSE!!"


Dear Doves,


Based on various letters to FiveDoves that I’ve recently read, it seems like many more readers are agreeing that Ron Reese’s Calculations make a lot of sense!!  IMO, this is fantastic news.  Indeed, the mathematical logic of Ron’s calculations makes so much sense to me, surely it must be from guidance meant to enlighten us as to the timing of the Lord’s final reconciliation!  As such, the purpose of this post is to provide a mathematical summary of why we should be excited about what Ron has written.  It points, using solid Biblical arguments, to our redemption in the near future via the glorious Rapture, our blessed hope!  But before I begin my post on this particular subject, there are some serious accusations I have seen been made at Ron that I strongly feel that I have been asked by the Holy Spirit to straighten out…


Specifically, Ron Reese is Pre-Trib, not Mid Trib!!


I have read various skeptics of Ron write to FiveDoves and other Rapture forum websites accusing him of being a “Mid-Trib” believer.  This is not at all accurate.  From everything I have read Ron write, he is a “Pre-Trib” believer through and through.  However, where Ron differs from the majority of those “watching” is that he is not a “Pre-SEVEN YEAR Trib” believer ANYMORE (he, like me, used to believe this as well).  IMO, it is the perception commonly accepted as fact that there MUST be 7 years after we are Raptured that is causing so many to view Ron with such skepticism (and, in some cases, contempt).  But again, as we must always do, lets look back to what the Word actually says.  God promised His True Church, the Bride, that we would not be subject to God’s wrath.  Ron has never disagreed with this in any of his articles.


As briefly mentioned above, I too used to STRONGLY believe in the 7 year “Post-Rapture” requirement.  However, the mathematical / historical evidence contradicting this, as fully illustrated below, really made me question this being a “fact”.  IMO, a deeper look into Scripture outlines in great detail that there MUST be 42 months of AC rule and that the Church won’t be here for it.  In addition, the Bible outlines that we won’t be around to see the Great Tribulation start.  However, the Post-7 year Rapture requirement is simply NOT WRITTEN as a clear requirement in the Bible.  Because of this, I believe that many resort to name-calling Ron as a Mid-Tribber simply to try to defend there own adherence to the Post 7 year Rapture doctrine by trying to bully him (and those who agree with him) into submission.  Yes, Ron will end up being wrong on some things – indeed, we definitely do not agree on everything (no two Christians do).  And yes, I will end up being wrong on some things as well – I too frequently update my beliefs based on solid Bible proof whenever necessary.  That being said, I sincerely try not to get so caught up in labels to the point that I refuse to see what God may be trying to tell me.


Just to confirm and reiterate, just because I agree with the majority of what Ron has to say doesn’t make me any less of a “Pre-Tribber” than any of you.  Indeed, to borrow a quote from Jack Van Impe, I am so completely “Pre-Trib” that I refuse to eat “Post” cereal.  A final question to you all on this.  If we were Mid-Tribbers, why would we believe in a Rapture perhaps happening tomorrow given that it is abundantly clear that the Tribulation / Judgment / Wrath has not yet commenced?  If we were Mid-Tribbers, would we not instead believe that we will all have to be persecuted by a “peaceful” Anti-Christ and the NWO prior to his possession by Satan?  Please pray on this and I am sure you will agree with me.


Now, on to why we should be very excited about our imminent departure…


Re-examining the 11-11-11 to December 20, 2011 timeframe:


As a reminder, beside December 20th, today (November 29th) should be a big watch date (if you were not already aware of this).  As you know, things are REALLY heating up in the Middle East right now (even faster than I had expected them to) and this is definitely meaning that the destruction of Damascus appears to be right around the corner (along with the Battle of Ezekiel 38 / 39).  But it is other reasons beside this that makes today make sense to be a high Rapture watch date:


1)                   11/11/11:  November 29, 2011 is a huge date in the world of the occult and therefore in the New World Order.  The NWO is looking for an excuse to bring in World Government.  They are looking to CREATE a massive event (such as an attack on Israel / EMP / who knows?) that will create the desire for the citizens (sheeple) to give up their freedom for security.  Why is November 29, 2011 such a big number to the NWO?  Because November 29, 2011 = 11-29-11 = 11 – 2 + 9 – 11 = 11-11-11.  In turn, 11/11/11 is a huge number for the occult.  I believe that the Illuminati held off doing anything on 11/11/11 as the NWO probably thought it would seem too obvious to the people that they are trying to trick into following them.


2)                   333:  “Lucky” for the NWO, 333 is an even bigger occult number to them.  It is believed that the NWO’s love for the number 333 came from the fact that 1/3rd of the angels were cast down with Lucifer = 33.3% = 0.333.  Note that 666 = 333 x 2, another interesting coincidence.  Now watch this!!  November 29, 2011 is the 333rd day in our calendar.  Neat how this coincides perfectly with the 11/11/11 date = November 29, 2011 as outlined in point 1.


3)                   Numbers 8 AND 8x8 = 64:  The number 8 is the number of completion in the Bible.  8 x 8 = 64 is an even BIGGER number of completion in the Bible, meaning PERFECT COMPLETION.  Now, let’s backtrack for a couple of seconds.  You may recall that November 29, 1947 is the day on which a UN Resolution passed that made Israel a country.  Now watch this:   November 29, 1947 + 8 x 8 years = November 29, 1947 + 64 years = EXACTLY November 29, 2011.


4)                   Tomorrow is a Tuesday:  Add to this the fact that today is a Tuesday.  In Jewish tradition, Tuesday it the traditional day for the groom to call his bride, wherein they are traditionally married on the Wednesday!!  In an analogous fashion, will Jesus (the Groom) call His Bride (the Church) today following Jewish tradition (given that, when on earth, He also followed Jewish tradition)?  We’ll soon find out!!


5)                   Great Tribulation looks likely to begin on April 11, 2012:  I am absolutely convinced we are “almost there”.  The Day of Atonement is the day most Christians expect Jesus to make His second triumphant return to Jerusalem (interestingly, the Jews are also looking for their Messiah to come for the FIRST time on that particular day).  However, this is where it gets a bit complicated.  A day in the Jewish Calendar actually lands on two days on our Gregorian Calendar:  The previous day’s evening and the current day’s daytime (sunset to sunset).  Now, here are two astounding calculations:


a.       June 7, 1967 = Capture of Jerusalem + Jubilee Turnover timeline as per the Bible = June 7, 1967 + 49 years x 360 days = EXACTLY Feast of Atonement 2015 (the previous day’s evening)


b.       June 8, 1967 = PM of Israel issued a decree to rebuild Old Jerusalem (the Jewish Quarter) + 7 x 7 weeks (split of 7 + 62 = 69 weeks in Daniel 9 to Messiah returns) = June 8, 1967 + 7 x 2520 days = EXACTLY Feast of Atonement 2015 (current day’s daytime)



When you subtract off 1260 days from the Feast of Atonement, September 23, 2015, you land exactly on April 11, 2012, which is right in the midst of the Jewish Spring Feasts!!  As such, it APPEARS mathematically logical that we are only a few months away from the Great Tribulation beginning, wherein the Church MUST be gone prior to the beginning of ANY judgment / wrath commencing (that is, REALLY REALLY REALLY soon).


6)                   As in the Days of Noah, so shall the coming of Jesus be:  Jesus said “as in the Days of Noah, so shall my return be”.  Well, guess what – it appears probable that we are already in the “final” days of Noah.  In the Jewish calendar, the 40 days of flooding began on the 17th day of the second month and lasted 40 days until the 24th day of the third month.  This is equal to 11-11-11 to December 20, 2011 in our calendar.  IF we are in the final few months prior to the Great Tribulation (as the two dates pointing to the Feast of Atonement 2015 certainly APPEAR to indicate) and IF Jesus was hinting that His coming would follow the timing of Noah’s flood, THEN I feel strongly that every day between now and Christmas are EXTREMELY HIGH WATCH DATES.  However, today is slightly greater a watch date than the rest (with the exception of December 20, 2011, which is just as great a watch date).


Interestingly, December 20, 2011 is also a Tuesday and also relates to 333 by being the 333rd day of the 3rd year of Obama’s reign (the NWO’s pick to be their leader – search “Kissinger Obama New World Order” on the web and you will see formal articles on secular newspapers related to this declaration – truth is stranger than fiction).  Indeed, all of the days between now and this Christmas are truly exciting for an incredible number of Biblical reasons (never mind the amazing relationship of Satan’s plans “accidentally” coinciding with God’s as only God could control – TRULY, Our Lord is the MASTER WEAVER).


As such, should, in the very near future, the earth start rumbling and the moon turn to blood and the sun be darkened, quickly look around you for those who look fearful and without hope and do your best to get them to accept Jesus right then and there.  You may not have time to do this (I’m pretty sure you won’t), but you never know if you can sneak a few more people to “get in the Ark” before the Rapture.  Again, I am not at all sure how rapidly the Rapture will happen once it starts to happen, but there COULD be time???  If possible, try not to get caught up in it.


IMO, these historical “coincidences” are ALL just too much of a mathematical “fluke” to be anything but a roadmap from God.  I feel it strongly in every part of my Spirit and prayer.    So much so that if Christmas comes and goes this year like any other, you have full permission to tease me about it.  Again, while I am convinced that the Rapture will be this year, not next, I reserve the right to change this despite the teasing I will allow in the ensuing 365 daysJ.  Again, I may be as much as one year off, wherein the true turnover of Israel to the rightful owner (Jesus) could end on the Feast of Atonement 2016 instead.  However, I sincerely feel that the 1 in a million fluke of both June 7 & 8, 1967 LOGICALLY & BIBLICALLY pointing directly to the Day of Atonement 2015 is just too incredible to ignore.


In summary, COULD today (November 29th) simply come and go?  Absolutely!!  Could December 20th simply come and go?  Again, absolutely!!  This is not the point of this exercise.  The point is that there are MANY good and logical reasons to call ourselves to get out there and spread the word that Christ is almost here before it is too late.  This is NOT DATE SETTING!!  It is simply outlining why certain days appear “more likely” than others for the Rapture.  In other words, please don’t waste your time and effort by accusing me of being a “Harold Camping” or a “Mid-Tribber”.  I don’t KNOW when the Rapture is going to occur, I just know that the signs are pointing towards “soon”, REALLY soon (and most likely just prior to God’s wrath / judgment / tribulation being unleashed on this wicked world)!!


President Obama, the Anti-Christ


On a side note, I have seen an abundance of mathematical reasons that I agree with that President Obama is the Anti-Christ.  For those who refuse to believe this, please don’t roll your eyes or discount this as foolishness.  I only put this out there as I have studied enough about him and his policies / background / etc., along with these mathematical reasons, to believe that it is worthwhile pointing this out to you.  Even though he is not Satan yet, Mr. Obama is a VERY EVIL man and a huge instrument being used by the NWO to bring in World Government.  Indeed, I strongly believe President Obama is the Trojan Horse being used by the NWO to collapse the U.S., the last barrier to World Government.


Interestingly, if you take the Day of Atonement 2015 = September 23, 2015, subtract off 2520 days, you land DIRECTLY on October 29, 2008 (I borrow this from others on this website – I did not personally notice this).  To reiterate their excellent observations, this is the exact date that then presidential candidate Obama told 33 million people in the U.S.A. in a 30 minute speech that he has come to change the world (a covenant).  And guess what two word phrase was reiterated in this speech over and over and over again?  “ONE WEEK”!!!!  Why?  Because Obama made this speech EXACTLY one week prior to the election.  What are the chances of a speech confirming a covenant, using the words “one week” repeatedly, to change the world would be made EXACTLY 2520 days prior to the Day of Atonement 2015?  You will have to decide this for yourselves.  However, I do not do this justice at all.  Instead, I implore you to read the posts in the following website sponsored by Ron Reese (these posts are REAL eye openers):


While I do not agree with everything Ron Reese has to say, MUCH of what he says makes a lot of sense.  He certainly has a good track record.  It is my understanding that Ron ministered with Jack Van Impe for many years and has sent out over 10 million tracts on prophecy.  It is also my understanding that Ron has also been colleagues with many of the other prophecy heavy hitters in the past.  I recommend that, if you have time, you read through his 31 posts in this website with an open mind and fresh perspective.  I found it amazing how many of his thoughts aligned with mine even though I didn’t come across Ron’s material until just recently and AFTER I had already come to MANY of the same conclusions based strictly on reading the Bible on my own!!


In the end, this all points to one thing.  The Church is going to be taken out of this decrepit world AND SOON!!  Please stay alert!!  Please stay excited!!  This is not the time to be complacent.  Soon it will be too late!!


Ybic, MathMan