MathMan (24 Nov 2011)
"Words of Encouragement to Ron Reese"


To my fellow brother in Christ, Ron,
Thank you for posting your articles on FiveDoves!!  Given that this planet is rapidly running out of time, the faster you get future posts on FiveDoves, the better; they have been such a blessing to my family.  Indeed, your recent posts on December 20, 2011 as being a high watch date are brilliant works of art, as are your observations (and Bonnie’s reply) on the significance of the number 333 in the occult.
Before providing my words of encouragement to you, I would like to first provide you with some information on my background to understand why, IMO, I am well qualified to provide such encouragement to you.  In order to do this, I must first tell you that I am in no way bragging about what I am about to tell you about myself.  I fully acknowledge that God gives out gifts as only He so chooses and that not a single person, including me, would have any abilities at all, or any life for that matter, if it were not for the grace and generosity of our Mighty God.
Indeed, other than the area I specialize in, I am actually a bit impractical, perhaps even somewhat socially inept to a certain extent depending on the circumstances.  If you have ever seen the sitcom on TV called "The Big Bang", I am somewhat of a cross between the characters on the show named Leonard and Sheldon.  However, in the area I specialize in, I have been gifted in an outrageously extreme manner as I will elaborate below (for which I will ever be grateful to the Lord).
I am a fully qualified professional with almost 25 years of experience, having attained a designation in a highly respected mathematical field quite some years ago.  If you look up this field* on line, you will find that this profession has one of the most strenuous set of exams of any profession, relying heavily on mathematics, calculus and statistics.  I deal with billions of dollars of assets each and every day during the course of the business I am in.  Indeed, I am a highly regarded and well respected expert in my field.


*  Special Note:  In my original private email to Ron, I provided Ron with a link to my profession, including access to be able to verify my membership in it.  However, I have concealed my identity on this website for reasons related to the profession I am in as elaborated on below.
At one point, during the interview process of becoming the chief practitioner in my field for a Fortune 500 company for several years, I was required to take a proficiency test against my peer group of senior executives, a highly educated population.  When the company reviewed the results of this test with me, it turned out that I am in the top 0.01% of senior executives (and completely off the charts for the population in general) in the area of mathematical logic and reasoning.  This, in turn, has allowed me to discern what makes sense and, just as importantly, what doesn't make sense in an extremely rapid manner as it pertains to analyzing timelines / etc. in Bible prophecy.  Side note:  I fully realize that this skill would be completely useless without the guidance of the Holy Spirit, without Whom I would be completely blind.
Now that you know my background, I feel that you now will know why I am qualified to say to you, "Ron, what you have written makes extreme sense".  I have read literally thousands of end time documents from hundreds of various Bible experts.  I then continuously compare this to what I have studied in the Bible, especially Daniel and Revelation, which I have prayed over for hundreds and hundreds of hours (using the same work ethic I used to qualify in my field).  In other words, I know enough to know when someone is pulling stuff out of a hat and grasping at straws versus knowing when someone is using sound logic and keeping faithful to the Bible.
This is my way of encouraging you, Ron.  In a really humble and friendly manner, you quickly had me revise my “Seven Year” start date from January 20, 2009 to October 29, 2008.  Indeed, this seems even more logical considering that, on the exact day of the Feast of Trumpets 2008, the DOW dropped 777.7 points (the biggest point drop in history) and appears to serve as a 30 day warning that the Anti-Christ was about to be revealed in the country that the DOW dropped (that is, the USA, which also agrees with your assessment on President Obama being the Anti-Christ).


While many have tried to get me to alter my opinions on this start date in the past, usually their logic was quickly disregarded as inconsequential and disregarded (however, there have been some delightful exceptions besides my interaction with you - I am honestly never too stubborn to listen to logic).  Indeed, I did NOT think this was going to happen AT ALL in this case until you skillfully answered my question.  But, change my mind you did, and with very little effort required on your part!!  Why?  Because your response was completely logical, even though I thought my logic had already passed "the test" (see, we can all "be taught" sometimes if we allow ourselves too).
For whatever reason, God is revealing the truth to just the few that will listen – people like you.  Those not too hardened by the so-called experts FIXED assumptions.  The Lord knew that you could see past their well-intentioned FIXED assumptions and not try to box God in like they try to.  For whatever reason, Jesus has gifted you with the ability to see what those who perhaps know the Bible even better than you can't seem to.  Surely you are blessed even though sometimes you must get attacked by the enemy because of it!!
Ron, please keep working hard on your next posts.  You are doing REMARKABLE work.  To reiterate, the only reason I "bragged" about myself was to show you that I am well qualified to encourage you and your excellent work.  Unfortunately, I have to keep my identity in the strictest of confidence as my clients, responsible for billions of dollars of financial assets, would not exactly be open to my short term view for the Rapture when I am working on their long term outlooks (perhaps it is God's sense of humour that He would guide me into such a position?).
God bless you, Ron.  Again, keep up your outstanding work for the Lord.

SPECIAL NOTE TO THOSE WHO MAY HAVE GIVEN UP ON RON:  I am aware that Ron has been wrong on his guesses as to the Rapture in the past (he has never said he KNEW).  Nonetheless, these guesses were based on solid Biblical reasoning and should not be faulted.  He was simply doing his job as a watchman.  However, the one thing Ron has never bent on is his insistence that the Great Tribulation will begin on April 11, 2012 and that it will end on the Day of Atonement 2015.  Given the misinformation out there, who could have blamed Ron for believing that the Seven Year Period would force a 2008 Rapture?  I certainly would have!!  However, if you search your heart, you will see that only the last 42 months of the AC are ABSOLUTELY written in stone in the Bible.  That, as well as God promising those who are faithful that they will NOT experience God’s wrath.  Ron has never violated these two vital Biblical doctrines in his articles.  So again, be skeptical – God wants us to be so, studying the Word continuously.  I have, with great effort on my part, and I honestly feel that I am well qualified to say that I REALLY believe Ron has thoughts that are well worth our time and study.  If you are one of those who have given up on Ron, I really believe that you should give what he has to say another chance.

Your brother in Christ, MathMan