Mary Anna (4 Nov 2011)
"Beverly (3 Nov 2011) "URGENT-ALL DOVES*A CALL FOR FASTING & PRAYER11-11-11""

  Yes and Thanks Beverly!  It's hard to listen to what's going on over there and GOD is the only answer!  Prayer and fasting is sometimes the only thing that works especially when the situation is as dire as it is there.

   I have fasted and the 1st day is the hardest (for me anyway), esp. when headaches come.  I always had water in those days but that's all.  By the 3rd day there were no headaches and not even hunger (for me).  Coming off the fast is a delicate time in that you must not hurt yourself with regular food then.  Diluted orange juice was good.  Ironically, I was not starving afterwards but after a soft boiled egg, I soon got normal.  That's just my experience and certainly will pray and fast for these people.

    I KNOW GOD hears the prayers of HIS own,
     Mary Anna

I forgot to add while I was fasting, PRAYER morning, noon and night got me through 7 days.  Could not have made it otherwise and also reading scripture.   I worked full time and had my strength & energy!  One other thing, I didn't tell anyone I was fasting!   I've fasted different times, mostly for only 3 days.