Mary Anna (25 Nov 2011)
"Jan:  For Mary Anna, and all Doves, re: prohibition of Bible reading.."

 Appreciate your response Jan! 
    What happened to you in offering prayer to patients in the hospital obviously uplifting them, is out and out horrible to say the least.  Question comes to mind:  Are we still in America, the land of religious freedom, life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness?  I believe it was Jim Bramlett who posted not long ago that our earthquakes could very well be our forefathers turning over in their graves.  Makes sense to me!   We know how this all happened and what we did wrong!  Our only hope is the Coming of our Lord Jesus Christ to rescue us now before all hell breaks loose!   Earnestly we pray for the rapture we know is very soon to happen to God's own children.

To God Be the Glory for Ever and Ever......
Amen & Amen.