Lynnette (29 Nov 2011)
"Re Leigh's second rapture verse"


Leigh, YES HOW I LOVED this note  !   Thank for sharing !  Blessings ! Watching with you.    See you all soon,Lynnette

Dear John and all beloved Doves. I give GOD all the glory and to our precious Holy Spirit and beloved Jesus Christ all the honour!!!!  This is the second rapture verse I got tonight during  Bible study time. I asked GOD where shall I read tonight? and He said "Leah."  So when I came to Genesis 29 verse 21 Jacob said to Laban: Give me my wife FOR MY TIME IS COMPLETED. Jacob is a type of JESUS after He has risen. And Laban gathered all the people and a feast was made. Now listen to this:  Verse 23: Laban gave Leah to him in the EVENING and in the MORNING Jacob discovered that it was Leah!!!  He thought that he was given his beloved Rachel but instead the gentile bride was given to him. But Laban said to him in our country the Firstborn must get married BEFORE the second daughter. (First fruits!! )  Isnt this just amazing!!!!  Then Laban said to him: Complete the WEEK OF THE WEDDING FEAST (7 days)  and I will also give you the other one. (Israel)  I felt like jumpimg through the ceiling when I realised what GOD has just revealed to me. In Australia most of the churches believe in a post Trib-Rapture. But didnt Paul say : Behold I show you a mystery?   What an awesome GOD we serve, knowing the end from the beginning. The Bride will be given to JESUS during night time when all is dark and the world in turmoil!!!!Thankyou Holy Spirit for being so loyal and talking to us face to face like GOD spoke to Moses on the mount..... GLORY TO GOD ALMIGHTY!!!!  Maranatha!!!  Come quickly please Lord Jesus!!!!  Love you all. Leigh.