LP (4 Nov 2011)
"Re: Wilkerson vision of default and bank failure"

Hi there,

Maybe this can help some people.
I have a burden on this vision.
Mid may 2009 I first read this one in a magazine. After reading it I realized that it was printed and shipped

during the same weekend that I had a similar impression. The author of that magazine somehow felt

it was importand to put this one in.

I was a thrilled reading it, because I recognized a lot of the same things, but this was more detailed as

what I had felt. Ever since that moment, I watch the economy even closer.


Again, it was not a vision I had, but merely an impression of what I think the Lord told me.

I did not see anything, like in a vision but I got knowledge (I just knew) and words in my head.

It was on a Sunday morning while attending our sermon.

Here is (as far as I remember) what I saw/heard in that impression.

“There will be huge shakings around the earth, people are very afraid, panic everywhere,

great turmoil all around the globe. But you my people, Don’t be afraid, look up I am near.”

I had this impression with a strong feeling of urgency so I asked the pastor permission to shared it.

The next day 8 april 2009 there was a big earth quake 6.3 in L'Aquila Italy.

In that same summer (2009) we had the Mexican flue, which caused a tremendous panic wave through the world.

Since then we have had some pretty impressive quacks everywhere and strange disease outbreaks like the one in
Germany this year. Which also caused a lot of panic.

So that's why I closely whatch Greece and the default threat.
The Lord is about to come for his people soon.
Just make sure you are ready. God bless you.

From Europe a brother in Jesus Christ.

Thanks for sharing, LP.
Welcome to the Doves!