Little David (28 Nov 2011)
"Sara B and All Doves: Rapture Card"

Hi Sara and Doves,

Thanks for the website info you send. It is really awesome. Because of the intensity and nearness of the rapture, and with information from the website: I have decided to design, order and obtain a set of 500 folding business cards (see attachments) to pass on to Christians and others to have them put the back side of the card in the credit card slot of their wallet so that the front side of the card is exposed when the wallet opens. When the rapture occurs, our belongings will be left behind so whoever finds the wallet will see the exposed card and its message of warnings and the truth of what really happens. If you need these card, I will be more than happy to mail them to you, free. This is a nice way of contributing to the soul harvest before and after the rapture.

God Bless,

Little David

John, I don't know how to put the figures in this letter. I put the attachments in. Hope you know how to present this. Thanks, David.