Little David (23 Nov 2011)
"What Happens When Someone Found Your Clothes, Wallet/Purse and Key Chains After the Rapture?"

To All Doves,

I have been preparing myself to set up some exposure so that whenever we are raptured, we should leave behind any signs that whoever is left behind find our personal belonging somewhere. I know that a lot of us wrote rapture letters by email sent to sites that stores them until the rapture which then activates a “dead-man’s-switch”. What if it doesn’t work. Could internet shut down by the powers that be? I hope not, but it could happen. I would always find an alternative to let anyone know.

1.       Have a business card with a flap so that you can fit the back end of the flap into the credit card slot from your wallet. The card will be visible when the wallet opens. On front of the card, you have the words “I have vanished along with millions, see back” in bold letters. On the back you can list the reasons why the rapture occurred.


2.       I would create 3 letters in the Word document:  1st  a brief description of myself and how I became a born-again Christian.  2nd  Warning to others what would happen if they miss the rapture.  3rd  A rapture letter telling others the truth of what happens to us when we vanished and survival pointers during the upcoming tribulation.  I would put the 3 documents into a folder called “Vanished” and copy the folder into a flash drive to be attach to the key ring along with your car and house keys.  Also copy the folder to all your computers, laptop and desktop.

This way, if anyone finds your belongings, they would be curious to know what’s inside. It would give them a chance to turn to Jesus and be part of the soul harvest and/or “Tribulation Force” member.

If anyone wishes to see my letters, please let me know. I would be more than happy to send them to you. You can adjust them to your liking. I'm in the process of creating the folding business card.

God bless,

Little David