Leslie Fain (8 Nov 2011)
"Days are shortened"

How does the shortened Tribulation work? The 4th trumpet clearly states in Rev 8:12 the day shone not for a third part of it, and the night likewise. So the day becomes a 16 hour day and night not a 24 hour day and night so the days speed up but the heavens stay in place so days will go faster (the world gets hit and begins spinning faster?) but our place in our universe stays the same. Tribulation lasts 2550 days with 1260 the first half and 1290 the second half. So you can take 1290 days, which is how many days the 2nd half of tribulation is and divide 1290 by 3 = 430 days. So the 2nd half will be shorter by 430 24 hour days. Because we don’t know the time of the 4th trumpet we cannot determine how many days shorter the first half of tribulation will be. But if 2011-2017 is the last seven sabbatical years then Sept 8, 2010 was the first day of the last sabbatical week and by adding 2550 days to that date brings you to Sept 1, 2017 Sept 8, 2010 + 2550 days = Sept 1, 2017

This diagram I made to show how it works my figures are not accurate. Just following where my studies lead. I believe that the time of Jacobs trouble is separate from the sabbatical week by two years.

The time of Jacobs trouble began on Oct 29, 2008 which makes mid tribulation around Apr or May of 2012. Obama confirmed the covenant on Oct 29, 2008, he then betrays Israel by allowing the vote for the Palestinian State to go through?? The temple will not be long in being built as Israel has every single block ready. At the dedication ceremony could be when the abomination happens. There is much to support this timeline but we will have to watch and see as everything unfolds. Iyar 2 (Apr 22, 2012) is when Solomon began building the Lords temple also when Zerubbabel began rebuilding it.

 Lev 25:21-22 states that the sixth year is when the Lord will begin blessing Israel for the Jubilee. Could this be the second bringing in of the lost tribes of Israel? Then Armageddon?

As my letter before I firmly believe Dr Owour is Elijah because he was sent BEFORE the great day of the Lord Malachi 4:5-6 When Jesus came the first time they were also looking for Elijah and in that time he was John the Baptist. The two witnesses show up in Rev 11:1-13 when the temple is measured to be built but who or what they are is still a mystery. They breathe fire Rev 11:5 like the fallen angels in Rev 9:17-18.

So in conclusion the 2010-2017 which is the 2011-2018 sabbatical week timeline is still in the running as is the time of Jacobs trouble!