Leslie Fain (23 Nov 2011)
"Little Time Left"

Hi Doves and John
Just something I have been thinking about I am going through very trying times and want so much to be taken home but the delay should be something we need to be glad about.

Scripture tells us that the antichrist seeks to change times and seasons but he is just wasting time for his cause. God is patient because more are being saved. But satans time is getting shorter with each passing day; they are cutting their time short seeking to change what the word says. With God holding back until times are filled; time for evil gets smaller!! Praise the Lord!!! Each extra day we remain here cuts their time shorter.  So this is actually a blessing in disguise for those who will be left behind.

 I know many are going through many very hard trials but according to scripture if you are not going through things right now I would be afraid because evil is against those who belong to the Lord and hates them and does what it can to bring them down. Paul says we are to rejoice when going through trials knowing that our salvation is sure!

Also remember the Mazzoroth story Andromeda is the chained woman, bound, helpless, in misery and trouble. Her name in the denderah zodiac is “Set” meaning set up as a queen. The stars around her are called Phiratz,-the broken down, Mirach-the weak, Al Maach-struck down, Adhil-the afflicted. Then comes the Cepheus the Crowned King to rescue her and then she is Cassiopeia the enthroned woman. She is highly exalted and making herself ready. Her hands no longer bound, are engaged in happy work, arranging her robes, while with her left hand she is adorning her hair. She is the bride the Lambs wife! (Out of Bullinger’s book “The Witness of the Stars.”)

Waiting is always the hardest thing to do especially when our world is falling apart around us drastically! But we are to keep faith that Jesus will do as He says that we will be rescued by Him and we will be with Him forever and forever! So stand strong though the world crashes around you and believe Jesus will come just as He promised He would!

Hope to see all of you soon!