Leigh (30 Nov 2011)
"John, Math Man,  R. Reese AMAZING WORD FROM THE LORD!!!!!!!!"

On Tuesday morning GOD told me to read I Kings 3 which is where GOD asked Solomon what his wish was and he asked for....give your servant therefore an understanding mind......  that I may discern good and evil for WHOM IS ABLE TO GOVERN THIS YOUR GREAT PEOPLE?   verse 9. So I thought RIGHT GOD isnt talking about the rapture tonight.  So I thought maybe GOD will give me more clarity on what HE wants to say about Solomon then I opened the BIBLE at Proverbs 25. WOW!!!!!!   Verse 2. It is the glory of GOD to conceal things but the glory of KINGS IS TO SEARCH THINGS OUT!!!!  WOW WOW!!!!  I read all of Mathman's postings since he started and wow he is good at maths boy.  So was SOLOMON!!!!   I immediately realised that a SAVED ANOINTED person may be a type of Solomon and therefore a "KING" to search things out!!! So I asked GOD about HIS  ALL KNOWING and WISDOM which lead me to Romans 11  " For who has known the mind of the LORD or who has been his councelor?  .....  For from HIM and through HIM and to HIM are all things. To HIM be glory forever!!!!!  "  Then I said LORD NOBODY will be able to know your mind????? GUESS WHAT HE GAVE ME!!!!!  John 15 verse 15  I was gobsmacked!!!!   ".......  the servant does not know what the Master is doing; but I have called you friends for all  ALL ALL that I have heard from my FATHER I have made known to you. " WOW !!!! I said, JESUS I cant tell the DOVES all this,  are you sure it were YOU that have given me all this information one after the other verse all AT ONCE????   HE said YOU ARE ACTING LIKE MOSES WHEN I CALLED HIM!!!!    By then I was speechless.  Know what?  HE still wasnt finished yet....  HE gave me Galatians 1 verse 1    PAUL!!!! an apostle not from men nor throug man, but through JESUS CHRIST and GOD THE FATHER Who raised Him from the dead.......... to Whom be the glory from ever and ever.      (Verse 5)   Then verse 4:    WHO GAVE HIMSELF FOR OUR SINS TO........ D E L I V E R     U S   from the PRESENT   !!!!!!!!!   present evil age.......   There are more verses but I will stop here and just post this summery and tell you what I think.....   I THINK but cannot proof it that Mathman is a type of Solomon and Ron Reese a type of John the Baptist preparing the way for the coming of the Messiah!!!!!  I said LORD who am I to tell the people this?  Im just an empty vessel  so please pray about it I dont want to say anything which is not of the LORD but I can assure you it happened just the way I have now told you.  Even if the Rapture is not this year I know that our two brothers are under the anointing of the Holy Spirit  and also Dr. Owuor. WHO WILL PLEAD SO MUCH WITH LOST SOULS TO GET YOUR WEDDING GARMENT READY AND SPOTLESS????  Thankyou for this site JOHN and GOD protects us with HIS mercy that they wont close down our beloved Five Doves site.  GOD bless you all and to HIM BE THE GLORY FOREVER AND EVER!!!!!   Please come quickly LORD JESUS!!!! MARANATHA!!!!  How cool would that be having someone like Solomon and John the baptist amongst us???????   Love Leigh.