Leigh (19 Nov 2011)
"All Doves"

GOD surely is giving me enough time tonight to get this info posted, thankyou LORD JESUS!!!   He showed me Jeremiah 50 is imminent, can someone tell us what would that be???  Also HE has just showed me Nehemiah  2 verse 4 to 20 and HE said we must prepare during nighttime to get ready for the whole earth lay in ruins. Then verse 20 says the GOD of heaven will help us to succeed. One thing Ive realised tonight is that I can assure you that TIME IS OVER!!!!!  BE READY. I am so excited but also scared. We know whats going to happen to those staying behind. Its like Christmas time when you are soooo excited knowing that a huge surprise is waiting for you but together with that a deep feeling of fear for not knowing how its going to feel to leave this earth, you know that scary butterfly feeling?  Maranatha,  please come quickly Lord Jesus we love you so much. Leigh.