Leigh (19 Nov 2011)

Dear Doves, John, Calvin, Amanda....  Im rushing to get this on before John posts tonights letters......  Ive been asking GOD the past 4 days when the rapture will occur. Well 15 minutes ago I was having my nightly Bible study and after that I thought maybe GOD will show me what happened while Moses was on the Mount with him So I opened Exodus 34 and when I got to verse 29 the HOLY SPIRIT appeared right next to me and even now while typing Im still aware of Him  When I read that his face shone I knew that the Holy Spirit said to me THIS IS THE RAPTURE and I thought its going to happen RIGHT NOW!!!  People I got so SCARED I started praying for my children I cried out please LOD dont let any of them stay behind. Then HE showed me the verse in Mat 17 verse 2 and then 11  Cor. 3 Boy He showed me the one verse upon the other and I said Please Lord give me a smaller window of time for your coming, maybe the MONTH or year?   Guess what HE said:  YOU KNOW TOO MUCH already!!!!!  Im in a hurry to send this to you before Sunday but Ill keep on praying,  HE is going to show me something, I just know it, but please be ready Ive NEVER EVER experienced him soooooo  real. GLORY TO GOD ALMIGHTY!!!   Love u all Leigh Australia.