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Anonymous is teasing the Mossad.
From yesterday's FT, FYI,
November 6, 2011 8:35 pm
Mossad site down after Anonymous warning
By Tobias Buck in Jerusalem
The websites of the Israeli military, the Mossad intelligence agency and the Shin Bet domestic security service crashed on Sunday, triggering speculation that the three pillars of Israel’s national security apparatus had fallen victim to a hacking attack.
The websites broke down just days after a statement issued by Anonymous, the shadowy group of hackers and online activists, threatened to “strike back” at Israel over the country’s continuing maritime blockade against the Gaza Strip.
In a video posted on YouTube last Friday, the group voices sharp criticism of the latest intervention by the Israeli navy to stop two boats sailing for Gaza. Noting that the two vessels – one Irish, the other Canadian – were intercepted in international waters and were not carrying weapons, the group described the Israeli move as “piracy on the high seas”.
The video shows the emblem of Anonymous, while a computer-generated voice declares: “Your actions are illegal, against democracy, human rights, international and maritime law.”
It adds: “If you continue blocking humanitarian vessel to Gaza  . .  then you leave us no choice but to strike back again and again until you stop.”
The Israeli government confirmed that the websites had crashed, but said the cause of the failure was a server “malfunction” affecting all three sites. A spokesman denied a hacking attack, but did not provide details.
A spokesman for the Israeli military said an initial investigation had “indicated problems with the web servers”, but also declined to provide details.
It was impossible to confirm the authenticity of the Anonymous video, which was posted on Friday. The group has on rare occasions distanced itself from statements and messages made on its behalf, claiming they were the work of impostors.
The latest video, however, is the second Anonymous message that voices criticism of Israel in less than five months. In June, a video was uploaded on YouTube threatening a cyber attack on websites, Facebook pages and email accounts “of the Zionist state”. No such attack was recorded.
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