K.S. Rajan (8 Nov 2011)

Monday, November 7, 2011
The UN peace charade and Iran's nukes

The Daily Jot has reported since 2003 that Iran was developing a nuclear weapon. Mohamed El Baradei, an Egyptian-born Islamist was the head of the United Nation's International Atomic Energy Agency, the agency charged with stopping nuclear proliferation. Throughout the years, El Baradei repeatedly said that he saw no evidence that Iran was developing a nuclear weapon. El Baradei even won a Nobel Peace Prize for his work in preventing nuclear proliferation, although during his tenure on the job, Pakistan, India, Iran North Korea, and even Syria either developed nuclear weapons or made serious progress toward having them. El Baradei, you might recall, is now a leader in the Egyptian Islamic rebellion.

I have written all along that El Baradei was covering for Iran to develop a nuclear weapon. He was the linchpin in managing the information out of Tehran and how the "smart" people at the UN were receiving it. He consistently said that Iran was developing nuclear technology for peaceful purposes, blatantly ignoring the parallel process of developing missile delivery systems to deliver a nuclear payload. Russia, China, and North Korea were all assisting Iran in both the nuclear technology and how to deliver it. Now the United Nations, after Iran is nearly complete with its nuclear weapons development, is on the eve of releasing a report that all sources say will confirm Iran's nuclear weapons development.

Of course, the man who occupies the Oval Office is on edge because Israel might make a preemptive strike on Iran to prevent the nuclear program from advancing to its final outcome. Diplomatic sources for the White House are saying that an Israeli strike would be against American interests in the region. The UN Security Council has issued sanctions from time to time against Iran. But sources are now saying that it will take months to get China and Russia to cooperate with further sanctions. Who are we trying to fool here? Russia and China are protecting their long term financial interests in keeping Iran's program moving forward. This is a charade with extremely dangerous consequences.

In 2006 meetings I had with both Israeli Knesset members and officials within Israel's foreign ministry said that they could not wait beyond a certain point before taking action against Iran's nuclear program. After all, Iran's leaders have been adamant that Israel should be wiped off the earth. The White House support of Islam and its subsequent radicalization of the Middle East has created an even more hostile environment for Israel. We have seen how the one world order (the UN) fails to deliver peace. We have also seen that the US has failed to keep the peace. Now Israel is somewhat cornered. Pslam 122:6 says, "Pray for the peace of Jerusalem: they shall prosper that love you." This is wisdom.

Have a Blessed and Powerful Day!
Bill Wilson