K.S. Rajan (5 Nov 2011)

Always remember that God sends Islam to a nation as judgment. The West is helpless to stop this judgment unless there is national repentance from sin and a turning to the Lord Jesus. The only other way to stop it is with bloodshed. Islam cannot be stopped as it will have to be stopped.

Born and raised in Paris, France, I had grown accustomed to experiencing a certain envy for American gadgets, music records, jeans and other icons from the USA that we Europeans would always have to wait for and pay a premium for. In the 21st century, distances, delays and prices have been reduced to such a point that we can now say that we live in a global marketplace. Nobody seems to be ahead of anybody anymore – except maybe in one area where they actually shouldn't be.
What I mean is that there is one change in Europe that we in America have not experienced yet. There is one area where Europe is ahead, way ahead of us, and that is the "Sharianization" of cities across the country.
We, in America, know (that is, for those who really bother to ask) that radical Islam is slowly fighting a "silent jihad," infiltrating all levels of government, the educational system and corporate world. But outside of a large concentration of Muslims in Dearborn, Mich., the push for Shariah law in America hasn't been received very well, and we have organizations like Act4America and activists/authors like Pamela Geller, Melanie Phillips, Robert Spencer and Mark Steyn, among others, to thank for that. The fight is real, but it is not too late for the battle to be won on American soil.
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On the other hand, Europe is now on the fast track to becoming Eurabia, a term coined by activist/author Bat Ye'or in the mid '70s and popularized in 2005 in her book "Eurabia: The Euro-Arab Axis." "The silent jihad" and stealth Muslim demographics have slowly taken over as we are starting to see in Europe. The growth has been constant and exponential for the last 50 years.
This has been a growing concern of mine, and now, as I start to see the "injection"of the Shariah virus in the European bloodline, I wonder not what can be done to stop it but simply how fast will the virus spread.
A Muslim group in Denmark known as "Call to Islam" is pushing to establish "Shariah Law Zones" in parts of Copenhagen and then other Danish cities. Shariah police would make sure that anybody doing anything contrary to the teaching of Islam would be punished. But they are not alone; this is not an isolated case but more an emulation of many other countries of Europe.
Similar situations where Shariah is established in neighborhoods, including in some cases Islamic tribunals set up for family affairs such as marriage, divorce, child custody or inheritance, exist in countries like England, Belgium, France, Germany and Spain to name just a few.
In fear of an social explosion due to the lack of Muslim integration in French society, France has just finished publishing a 2,200-page report documenting the imminent danger, titled "Suburbs of the Republic."
Muslims come and establish families in countries that are not their land of origin. They do not integrate; they organize under Islamic law, and one thin slice at a time through the unnoticeable "Salami Effect," Western civilization is being reduced to near oblivion or worse: to the state of "Dhimmitude" (a state of "protection" for "dhimmis," or non-Muslim /infidels under Islamic rule).
This is all happening in Europe under the very eyes of those who care to look and on the watch of many native European leaders. Many of them feel helpless, and maybe they are indeed!
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The cancer of radical Islam and the establishment of the Caliphate under worldwide Shariah law is not just a bad dream that will go away in the morning. It is very real, and it is making some giant, irreversible steps in Europe toward a Shariah-controlled continent. It must be fought in the name of truth and freedom for all. If not abroad, then at home in America.
When I say that we need to fight for freedom and truth, I realize that real freedom and saving truth can only be found in the person of Yeshua the Messiah (Jesus), who by his sacrificial death and resurrection offered the whole world reconciliation to God.
I found Him 28 years ago and made him Lord of my life. All people, including Muslims, need to come to Him because He is the only way.
Islam: Lie and kill infidels! (Surah 3:28, 16:106)
Christianity: Love your enemies and pray for those who persecute you! (Matthew 5:44)
I ask you, which one is the true "religion of peace"?
Don't fall asleep America, or soon you will be awakened each morning at 5 a.m. by the call to prayer coming from a minaret near you!