K.S. Rajan (3 Nov 2011)
"report by JohnMcTernan"

There is just a massive amount of news to report. I did not comment on the surge in the stock market last week. There was world euphoria over the Europeans coming to an agreement about the Greek debt. The economic sources that I follow stated it would not hold up for a month. Well it did not hold for a week, and now the stock market is once again crashing world-wide. This shows just how fragile is the world economy that Greek debt can collapse the stock markets!
I am tired of writing about the European economy on the brink of destruction then pulling back. I do not know if this is the final event before the totally meltdown, but it has to be close. How long can this continue?
If there are proposed cuts in Greece, the people go wild and riot! The idea of revolution is now in the air. Remember, the people who are rioting in Greece and other European countries are here in America. It would not take much to set off the Occupy Wall Street crowd into rioting. I believe that once it starts in America, the revolution will come very quickly. Much bloodshed is coming to the Western nations as the Hard Left along with their Muslim allies are ready. The church has very little prayer covering for the nation. America and the European nations are now ripe for judgment.
Events are once again heating up with Israel. There is war talk over Iran, Hamas and Syria. It would not take much to ignite the all-out war described in Psalm 83 and Obadiah. Both the Palestinians and Israelis have hardened their positions and nothing is left but the all-out war.
It is hard to keep up with the earthquakes, volcanoes and other disasters. The food shortage is now starting to show with skyrocketing prices. Massive famines are right at the door. The earthquakes and volcanoes are increasing as the world through the UN is getting ready to come against Israel. The devil is getting his people ready to try and destroy Israel, while the Holy God of Israel has brought all His weapons on-line for judgment. The battle line is drawn.
After large 6.3M earthquake in Mexico –Emergency Reported At San Onofre Nuclear Power Plant 11/01/11(Video) This is very interesting as it ties together the earthquake in Mexico to damage to a nuclear power plant in Dan Diego! Image what is going to happen when the massive San Andreas fault ruptures! The entire region will be a waste land.
I do not want to sit this one out or hide in the tall grass. This is the time to run to the battle for the LORD. This is not the time to fear, but to stand with God and do all you can to bring glory to His name. This is an exciting time to live as we see God's prophetic word about the Day of the LORD coming to pass.
May the Holy God of Israel bless and protect you