K.S. Rajan (29 Nov 2011)
"report by Jim Fletcher"

Surrounded by Wolves
Things don’t seem to improve for Israel, in terms of man-made plans.
The Palestinians still push for statehood, the Muslim Brotherhood is strengthening its grip on the Middle East, and now comes word that 24 Pakistani soldiers were killed in a NATO strike.
That will probably be Israel’s fault.
And at a time when another rocket landed near an Israeli kindergarten in the Negev last week (and the international community, including mainline Christians, is silent) we now learn that Egypt is brokering reconciliation talks between the Palestinian Authority of the Holocaust-denier, Mahmoud Abbas, and Hamas’s Khaled Mashaal. If the PLO and Hamas ever get over their rivalry for power, they could then turn a unified attention to the question of what to do about Israel.
There are also plans to coordinate anti-Israel protest events in Jordan, Egypt and elsewhere on November 29, to protest the 1947 UN General Assembly “Partition Plan.”
Everywhere it seems, there is rejection of Israel. When the Arabs do not recognize Israel’s right to exist, why is the peace process charade continued?
Because the world really believes the problems are Israel’s fault.
Since the end of Operation Cast Lead earlier this year, almost 1,000 rockets and mortars have been fired into Israel, by the Palestinians. This is a total outrage, and should serve to make the Palestinians unfit for statehood. It is absurd to think a Palestinian state would be demilitarized! What a joke!
The IDF also released this statement this week:
“In a combined IDF-Israel Security Agency activity carried out a number of weeks ago, a terrorist squad was detained in the village of Shawara, near Bethlehem. The squad operatives, young Palestinian men between 18 and 22 years of age, carried out several terrorist attacks, among them shooting attacks (including shooting at an Israeli Border Police jeep in August 2011), placing IEDs and throwing Molotov cocktails. They had military training and equipped themselves improvised weapons. According to the Israel Security Agency, they instigated riots to draw the Israeli security forces to the area. When the IDF forces arrive they shot at them with improvised rifles.”
Does this bother anyone? Does it bother anyone in the international community?
Also last week, anti-Israel “activists” from the Free Gaza Movement (FGM) took part in demonstrations near Jerusalem, confronting Israeli security forces. The FGM has in its satellite the International Solidarity Movement, a darling of Western “peaceniks.”
Among the protestors for FGM is Lauren Booth, a British broadcaster and sister-in-law of former British PM Tony Blair. Among the other endorsers of FGM is South African Archbishop Desmond Tutu.
Let me say this again, clearly: the growing number of Western Christians (although Booth is Muslim), most of the liberal persuasion, that are supporting the Palestinians is deeply disturbing. All the Palestinian leadership, and, as polls show, the people themselves overwhelmingly— reject Israel’s right to exist.
Until these issues are solved, the wolves will continue to gather.