K.S. Rajan (26 Nov 2011)
"Report by BILL WILSON"

I really didn't want to write about the man who occupies the Oval Office, but then Reuters was reporting his Thanksgiving address. So I went to the White House briefing room website to confirm what I read. It starts: "From my family to yours, I'd like to wish you a happy Thanksgiving. Like millions of Americans, Michelle, Malia, Sasha and I will spend the day eating great food, watching a little football, and reflecting on how truly lucky we truly are." After several readings, my coffee went cold.

"How lucky we truly are"? Really? This man claims to be Christian yet he speaks of Thanksgiving as if life is a big human secularist gamble. But it gets worse from there. His account of the first Thanksgiving is a complete misrepresentation of history and heart, but a total representation of his own heart. He said, "The very first Thanksgiving was a celebration of community during a time of great hardship, and we have followed that example ever since." Nothing could be further from the truth. The very first Thanksgiving was a celebration of the blessings of the one true God in the name of Jesus Christ, who brought these valiant men and women through a time of great suffering. They gave thanks to God not community.

He continues the theme in saying that "Americans from all walks of life are coming together as one people, grateful for the blessings of family, community, and country. If we keep that spirit alive, if we support each other, and look out for each other, and remember that we're all in this together, then I know that we too will overcome the challenges of our time." Don't be fooled by these smooth and emotional words. They are the words of a man who is glorifying humanism and statism (central control of the people) over the blessings of God himself. Throughout his address, he speaks of blessings and being thankful, but to who? Some innocuous spirit of community? Is this what Thanksgiving is all about?

A resounding "NO." But it is a good part of the reason why our nation is in the condition it is in--that our leaders have no moral bearing. Our nation is in decline because our people have chosen godless leaders who hold statism and humanism in the highest regard to their actions. Jesus said in Matthew 7:20, 21, "Wherefore by their fruits ye shall know them. Not every one that says unto me, Lord, Lord, shall enter into the kingdom of heaven; but he that does the will of my Father which is in heaven." We need to wake up as a nation and as a people, starting with God's people, because I do not wish to hear my Savior say to any, "I never knew you: depart from me, ye that work iniquity."

Have a Blessed and Powerful Day!
Bill Wilson