K.S. Rajan (2 Nov 2011)
"Demand of Muslims"

Muslims Demand Shariah Compliant Catholic University
Michael Bartell
In a recent article Alan Keyes of "Americans United For Freedom" writes the following:
"Muslim students claim Catholic University has "violated their human rights" by displaying crosses and refusing to create Islamic prayer rooms on the private Washington DC based college campus. The complaint even indicates that the University should remove the Basilica from Campus!"

Clearly, the Muslims' intention in attending this particular school wasn't to obtain a quality education or even learn about a differing religion. Rather, their intention from the beginning was obviously to disrupt a Catholic institution and strike yet another blow against any religion that isn't Muslim by using the U.S. legal system and suing in order to bring Christendom into subjection. As the oldest continuing Christian institution in the West, dominating over Catholicism represents a prize jewel and therefore is a prime target of anti-Christian forces.

Yet, this is not simply a Catholic issue; this is an issue that all people of faith must rally around. If Islam prevails against the Catholics in our liberal court system, they will move to attack the Baptists, the Evangelicals, the Anglicans, the Methodists and every other Christian institution not to mention the Jews, that stands in the way of a worldwide Islamic Caliphate, global Muslim domination and universal implementation of Shariah law.

All anyone has to do is witness the success Islam has already achieved in places as far reaching as Palestine, Sweden, France, the Netherlands and even London.

Palestine, the so-called mandated territory, once was home to many majority Christian communities. Now through Islamist murder and intimidation, the Christian population has dwindled to just 3%, and those few remaining Christians often must practice their religion in hiding for fear of deadly retribution by militant Muslims.

In Sweden, non-Muslim women are frequently accosted, beaten and even raped for appearing on the street without covering their heads with Islamic veils.

In France the Muslim population takes over the main streets of Paris every Friday for their afternoon prayer sessions. This is not an act of piety on their part, no, this is an act of defiance! In essence they are saying to the French population that there is nothing they can do to stop them.

In the Netherlands they have done much the same as in France and have taken it even further in murdering or threatening to murder anyone that disrespects their prophet Mohammed.

In London, the Muslims have successfully twisted British Hate Crime laws to the point where it is now illegal to make any comment that might be deemed disparaging toward Islam - even if the comment is entirely factual