K.S. Rajan (15 Nov 2011)
"report by Jim Fletcher"

Why do Christian Palestinianists support the Palestinians unconditionally and not seriously consider the needs of the Israelis? Don’t the biblical commands to love your neighbor and do justice apply here? Christian Palestinianists, particulary the American version, refuse to condemn acts of murder and other violence that has been perpetrated against the Jewish people of Israel for generations.
•Why do Christian Palestinianists give virtually no attention to the extreme hardships suffered by Israeli Jews at the hands of terrorists? Example: one can clearly see that the Israelis are hemmed-in, caged if you will, by the terrorism that rages at every border. In many cases, the terrorists infiltrate Jewish communities (does anyone remember the genocidal actions against the Fogel family in the community of Itamar? Even CNN refused to give the family’s name, opting instead to call them “settlers”). The wall of terrorism erected by the Islamists has left the Israelis imprisoned in ghetto-like partitions in the land we call Holy.
•Why do Christian Palestinianists refuse to acknowledge the apartheid mentality of the Arabs? There are whole Arab states in the Middle East with no Jews—and the apartheid mentality of the Islamist Palestinian Authority/PLO, which doesn’t even attempt to hide its loathing of Jews, is given a free pass. “Palestine,” the state that Christian Palestinianists thirst for, is apartheid, Marxist, and xenophobic to the core.
•Why do Christian Palestinianists fail to acknowledge the Goliath-like military industrial complex of Israel’s Islamist enemies? Why do they not condemn Iran’s nuclear weapons development?
•Why do Christian Palestinianists fail to condemn Islamist refusal to recognize Israel? Why is it okay for Islamist states to view Jews as dhimmi?
I would define Christian Palestinianism as the belief that Arab Palestinians have the right to settle on roughly half of the portion of original Mandate Palestine set aside for Israel only a couple years after the majority of Palestine was given to Transjordan (now simply Jordan). Christian Palestinianism denies the Jews the right to settle on their ancestral land. Further, the theology of Christian Palestinianism refuses to acknowledge Israel’s biblical heritage, instead embracing the anti-biblical liberation theology of the Palestinians.
Christian Palestinianism also unduly influences American foreign policy (see the background and views of Barack Obama, Hillary Clinton, and congressional leaders like Keith Ellison), and, by extension, the actions of the United Nations in making demands on Israel that are not made on other sovereign nations. By giving unquestioning support to Palestinians, Christian Palestinianists are feeding the dangerous apocalyptic visions of radical Islamists, including Iran. Ironically and sadly, the unquestioning support of the Palestinians by Christian Palestinianists serves as a self-fulfilling prophecy in ushering-in horrific, “Armageddon-like” scenarios fed and nurtured by Islamist radicals who see the support of Christian Palestinianists as cover and legitimacy for their apocalyptic views.
For these and other reasons, I call Christian Palestinianism a grievous sin and I call on all Christian Palestinianists to repent of their sin. They are bringing great harm not only to the people of Israel, but also to all mankind, because their capitulation to ideologies of Islamist terrorism and uncritical support of the Palestinian cause emboldens the terrorists and makes the threat of terrorist attacks much greater.
I call on all peace-loving Christians to lovingly, gently, but firmly confront our Christian Palestinianist brothers and sisters to reconsider their tragic embrace of Palestinian xenophobia and terrorism