K.S. Rajan (15 Nov 2011)
"report by Terry James"

French President Nicolas Sarkozy didn’t know the microphones were switched on when he spoke in hushed tones to President Barack Obama. "I cannot bear Netanyahu, he's a liar," he said.
The American president, equally unaware that he was being recorded, responded: "You're fed up with him, but I have to deal with him even more often than you."
Remember, for example, the American president’s treatment of the prime minister when Netanyahu came to the White House early on in this administration? Obama promptly dismissed the meeting that was set as an important time of talks on the Middle East situation and that was to be a photo opportunity to show solidarity between the two nations and their leaders. Instead, Obama abruptly stopped the meeting, summarily dismissing the Israeli leader. The president said he had to go to dinner with Mrs. Obama, or some such excuse.
Even the mainstream news media was stunned at the snub, but quickly let it drop from the ongoing reportage of those hours. Most of us would never have learned of the insulting behavior of our president if not for all of the alternative news forums through Internet and the cable news outlets.
All the while the diplomatic speak–the language of lies as it has come to be—was telling us that the president was as strong an ally to the nation Israel as any in the history of relations between the countries. But, behind the scenes and more and more often in the glare of the spotlight of unfolding news coverage, the Europeans and the U.S. State Department, under Hillary Clinton’s leadership, did their worst to make the back-door deals that would pressure Netanyahu to cave to demands made by the international community. Always, the pressure involved–as it still does—demands that Israel allow the powers that be to bring about the two-state solution to Mideast turmoil based upon the boundaries they stipulate. These lines are much the same in configuration as Israel’s Islamist enemies in the region demand.
And now comes to the surface of the diplomatic subterfuge the short, but telling, conversation of the leaders of two of the most central nations in the "Roadmap to Peace." While they smile and claim to have Israel’s interest at heart, they show utter disdain for the leader of the Jewish state. They call him a liar, and I, at least, infer that much deeper detestation rages just below the surface of that accidental broadcast.
In our childhood days–and maybe even in our adulthood—we’ve used the get-back-at-'em old adage: “It takes one to know one.”
Sarkozy and Obama, like most of the international community’s rulers-elite, are liars of the first magnitude, thus it angers them when they know they are being lied to. They know the routine so very well. Their very existence and power-grabbing prowess depend upon being able to lie.
Truth is, they are right. Benjamin Netanyahu is now lying to them. He smiles and nods agreement to their deadlines and their pressures to negotiate a settlement in East Jerusalem and all the rest. But, those sit-downs and negotiations that would give away Israel’s territory of vital importance to Israel’s security never eventuate. Like solutions to the world’s woes, the proverbial can always seems to get kicked farther down the road in the peace process. Netanyahu seems as slippery…well…as slippery as the Arab leadership of Israel’s enemy neighbors have always been in failing to live up to any agreement to negotiate peace. These have always spoken to the news cameras and microphones, promising to negotiate in good faith with the hated Israel. Remember Yasser Arafat, as one example?
To state it as plainly as I know how, Benjamin Netanyahu is now playing by their rules, and is beating them at their own game. The Arabs and the international community see nothing wrong with lying, if it achieves what they want: complete control over how the Middle East, particularly Israel, is divided. Arab leadership takes its orders from Allah–from the Koran. Lying to get what you want–of what serves Allah—is perfectly acceptable, even preferable, in efforts to conquer the world in as little or as large portions as the resistance allows.
This Israeli prime minister‘s repertoire of resistance now includes lies and subterfuge, exactly like that so long exhibited by Israel’s enemies. It’s driving them all completely nuts. Sarkozy’s words and Obama’s response demonstrate the frustration. How dare Netanyahu lie to them!
Benjamin Netanyahu is doing the right thing by smiling before the cameras and saying Israel will participate in the peace process–a process that God’s Word says will one day be lethal to the Jewish people. But, for now at least, the prime minister plays by their cunning rules, beating them at their own game, while facing perhaps the most challenging situation for the Jewish state to date.
The one situation on the minds of many around the world at present is: Will Israel attack Iran’s nuclear program facilities?
Netanyahu and his government openly applaud the international community–and the Obama administration talking about applying “lethal” sanctions against Iran’s economy in order to get them to back away from producing an atomic bomb, then weaponizing it (engineering one small enough to attach to a missile). But, one just knows that the hawks within the Israeli government–and they are in the majority these days—know that the threat by the leadership of the international community to lethally sanction Iran through collapsing Iran’s Central Bank, for example, is all smoke and mirrors. It is a lie.
The following news excerpt gives a very brief thumbnail overview of the Netanyahu government’s thinking: “Israeli Defense Minister Ehud Barak told Israel Radio that since Russia and China are unlikely to back 'lethal' sanctions on Iran, it would be unwise 'to take any option off the table,' meaning that military strikes should be considered. He also said a naval blockade to cut off Iran's oil exports might be a good idea” (Dan Murray, "Ear Report, Plenty of Apocalyptic Talk," Christian Science Monitor, 11/7/11. My thanks to Jonathan Stettin for information used throughout this article.)
Sarkozy and Obama are frustrated–as are all of those of the international diplomatic Liars Club. They know Israeli leadership is onto them. BiBi Netanyahu is the most current form of the Stuxnet worm in the humanistic plan to divide God’s land. The powers that be know he is lying to them–that he could, indeed, applaud their “lethal sanctions” sophistry while planning strategic strikes of the deadly military sort.
How long kicking the can down the road of diplomatic flim-flam, false peace-making will last before it all comes to a head is anyone’s guess. But, the One who knows the end result has given us prophetic truth regarding where it’s all heading: “I will also gather all nations, and will bring them down into the valley of Jehoshaphat, and will plead with them there for my people and for my heritage Israel, whom they have scattered among the nations, and parted my land” (Joel 3:2).