K.S. Rajan (1 Nov 2011)
"Report by JohnMcTernan"

 The scientists are on the verge of creating a transhuman. This is a beast that is part human and part something else. It could be part machine or, by mixing DNA, part animal. Creating a transhuman is right on top of us! The genetic manipulation is further advanced, but both are near completion, which results in a being that is no longer human.
I believe that tampering with the integrity of man is a KEY sign of the approaching Day of the LORD. God will put a stop to this at the Second Coming of Jesus Christ. It appears from Revelation 13:15 that man will succeed in creating a transhuman which the Bible calls "The Image of the Beast."
Revelation 13:15 And he had power to give life unto the image of the beast, that the image of the beast should both speak, and cause that as many as would not worship the image of the beast should be killed.
From charting the advancement toward creating a transhuman being, it is possible to get an idea how close man is to the Day of the LORD and God's judgment. God must stop the creation of transhumans because these creatures are not created in His image and likeness; therefore, they cannot be redeemed through the gospel of the Lord Jesus Christ.
Man Now The Creator
Transhumanism shows the end of the road of man's rebellion against God! This is close, very close. What I am posting is NOT science fiction. What was once science fiction is now becoming reality! What was science fiction 20 years ago can be reality in the very near future! It is like much of science fiction is advertisement for transhumanism. It is softening the public, especially the youngsters, to accept it. These are incredible times we live in and do not be fearful: but grow closer to the Savior and focused on His Coming
Get Ready for a New Human Species This is once again man the creator without any thought to the real creator. This is a direct violation of Genesis 1 where God commands everything to reproduce after its own kind. Modern man thinks that he is so smart, but he is actually stupid being played by satan!
"The ability to engineer life is going to spark a revolution that will dwarf the industrial and digital revolutions, says Juan Enriquez, a writer, investor, and managing director of Excel Venture Management. Thanks to new genomics technologies, scientists have not only been able to read organisms' genomes faster than ever before, they can also write increasingly complex changes into those genomes, creating organisms with new capabilities
The love of darkness is all around us. The darkness is rushing to protect both homosexuality and Islam. Islam cannot function in the light. The light of the truth simply destroys Islam, Muhammad and the Koran. The Hard Left and Islam must find a way to suppress the truth. I think that it is painful for them to face the truth, and I know it makes them angry. We, of the truth, get angry at the lies against the truth, while those of the darkness and reprobate mind, get angry when the truth exposes the lies! Since they reject the truth that exposes them, they do all they can to suppress the truth.
Now the Hard Left reprobates in the Justice Department are working with the Islamists in America to stop the truth from being promoted about Islam. When you read the following article, you can sense how desperate the Muslims are to silence Americans exposing the truth about Islam. These reprobates in the Justice Department would destroy the First Amendment to protect both homosexuality and Islam. They are true reprobates as defined in Romans 1.
The confrontation between the Hard Left reprobates and vast sections of the American public cannot be far off. We are not causing this as it is the Hard Left in power that will bring the fight to us. They simply love Islam as God has merged the two together. They both hate the God of Israel and His word, so He has merged them into one unit for judgment.. You will be amazed when you realize the depth of how the Hard Left Fascists and Muslims are merged in their hatred of the truth. There is no truth in them.
The Lord Jesus is the truth along with the Bible. Stay focused on the Lord and the truth as revealed through the King James Bible. This will protect you from all the deception that is swirling around us. Soon, we will all be with the Truth, the Lord Jesus when He comes for His bride, and we accompany Him to the Marriage Supper of the Lamb.
May the LORD God of Israel bless and protect you.