KML (30 Nov 2011)
"Feast of Trumpets for Rapture ?"

Dear Brother in the Lord
Pastor J.D.Farag

I enjoy your videos on Youtube, and listen often to your [prophecy updates].
I feel in my spirit we are very close to the time the Lord is going to catch us up at the " Rapture".
I agree with your videos titled " why the Rapture Must happen before the Tribulation period ".
I thought I would share with you my comment about the book of Revelation and the "Feast of Trumpets" being fulfilled with the Rapture of the BRIDE.
In my studies after watching your above named videos, I find that an Ultra- Orthodox Jewish wedding itself can be held on any day of the week Apart from the Jewish Sabbath, OR on Major Jewish Festivals such as " The day of Atonement ", Jewish New Year ; "Rashanah "  [ Feast of Trumpets ], when Jews are required to refrain from [Work]. Ultra-Orthodox couples hold ceremonies on weekdays.
It is my conclusion that the Rapture can not be on " Feast of Trumpets " when our Lord calls us up. As you stated in your videos.
When our Lord comes for his Bride, it will be an hour we think Not. [ as with the jewish wedding] as a thief in the night.
Trumpets " Feast of Trumpets"  is when our Lord comes as King of Kings and Lord of Lords. Victorious and with us his Wife/ saints at his side along with the heavenly angels. A King to Save Israel. " Messiah" for whom they are awaiting.
The Trump of God( his voice that sounds like that of a Trumpet) Rev 4:1 (our Rapture)
There are TWO trumps of God. ( his voice that sounds like that of a Trumpet) in all of scripture.
1. The First was in Exodus 19:19 in the 3rd month, 3rd day of the month . This would be our May/June, spring/summer.
2. The Second is coming in Christ's reveling Rev 4:1, where John is telling us A door is opened in heaven and he heard a Voice as it were a Trumpet talking with him; which said, Come Up Hither .
This Same Voice spoke to Moses and the children of Israel in the desert. Exceedingly loud; said to Come Up.
THESE ARE THE FIRST AND LAST TRUMPETS OF GOD.( the only TWO mentioned in scripture as his voice)
The First was for ISRAEL, The Last is for Christ's BRIDE.( before the wedding) Only the Father knoweth when, neither the son, nor the angels.
The Trumpet sounded in Revelation is a herold trumpet announcing " The King".
Notice in Rev 19:7 it Refers to his (wife) not his Bride. They are Now wed and she is his wife. And in verse 8 her fine linen is " the righteousness of saints. The guests are Called to the Marriage super in Rev19:9 ( those who do not go at the Rapture and have come through tribulation. [ as according to your video ]
Trumpets is a Fall Feast arround Sept/Oct. and we read how the angel swings the cycle as in harvest time.( Work)
 I leave you with this verse ; Acts 17:11.  

Let us continue until he comes.
Rev.  Kathy M Long