KML (3 Nov 2011)
"Spot Light on Jerusalem"

Hello John and Doves
I wanted to share with you some new info on current last days prophecies. Frank Dimora's website has many new articles, and videos I feel are very exciting . Exciting because it shows just how close we are to the Psalm 83 war, and as most of us feel this could also mean or Rapture. Below is a video, and Frank's website link. He keeps his book " The Last Chronicles of Planet earth" current. As current as Oct 31st 2011.  Once you are on his website you can download it for FREE, just click on the link below the picture of the front and back cover of his book.
How blessed we are to be living in this last generation and can witness these fulfillments of prophecy coming to pass before our very eyes. We who have an ears can hear as well as SEE.
What an awsome God we serve ! Blessed is the name of the Lord ! For He is good, and His Truth endures to All generations. Our generation is the LAST. How are we feeling ?
I am elated, Joyfull, and yet my heart weeps for Israel. Pray for the peace of Israel. God will bless you for it.


ps: Just last night as I was reading "Philochritus" these words caused me to smile. The Lord said ; regarding children " Their angels do always face My Father in heaven ". Maybe you don't understand the sugnificance of this statement of Jesus, but when the angels that sinned in Gen 6 sought Enoch to interseed for them before God, they could not lift their faces toward God.
God said to these angels, " You were to interseed for man, not man to interseed for you."
Our Lord always showed women and children kindness and special acknowledgement. Something the Muslem have very little regard for. 
Keep Looking Up !