KML (25 Nov 2011)
"" Until I'm proven wrong ...." Bruce W"


Dear brother in the Lord

It seems many here in the doves are convenced that the Rapture will be on the Feast of Trumpets.
Our Lord clearly tells us in Matt 24 that His coming will be at an hour we think NOT, therefore we can rule out Trumpets for that very purpose.
Also Trumpets is to be fulfilled as the First Fall Feast of 3. Trumpets, Atonement, and Tabernacles. In that order.
[Fall] is the KEY word.
Trumpets will be fulfilled at the END and is for Israel. We the Bride come with him. 
Rapture is at ANY time. It goes all the way back to the Jewish wedding, when the Bride knew not when the groom would return for her.
The groom after paying the price for her, left and returned to his fathers house to prepare an room, and the father of the groom said when it was time to go and receive his bride. His coming was usually anounced with a shout, and was around midnight. She then made ready to go out to meet him.

The seals are broken in Rev 6:1
Bride/ body of Christ are in heaven Rev4:1
Rev 4 and 5 show 4 worship seens. We are in heaven and round about the thron.

Great Tribulation begins at " The Alter " the abomination that makes desolate.
>From the Alter the end of the 45 days [after] Jesus Comes at the 2nd coming = 1335 days.
From the Alter the 2nd coming of Jesus [ Trumpets] = 1290 days
From the the Fleeing is 30 days]
>From the the time Jesus 2nd coming [Trumpets]= 1260 days

Daniel 11:31;   Daniel 12: 11-12
Matt 24 : 15- 16  Who wil see this ? Not the bride of Christ !   The Jew will see the Holy of Holies. Remember it will be set up as it was in the Old Testament. We are gone !
Matt 24: 20-21 The flight of the Israelites will not be in winter, nor on the 10th of Nisan, nor on the Sabbath. From fleeing to Feast of Tabernacles[ wedding Feast] 1260 days. Must be the first day of Spring when they Flee. March 22, 2013 is the only time this can fit according to the scriptures. It is like the eye of a needle when you check the dates.

2009-2012 = March 7,2009 Adar11 to Oct 1,2012 [Doesn't fit] . Must not be in winter, March 21 is always last day of winter.
2013-2016= March 22,2013 11th of Nisan to Oct 17,2016  on a Friday, not the 10th of Nisan, and not in winter, and not on a Sabbath. [ It fits]
Does not fit any other time even going beyond this date.

 I received this song in my head, when I awoke today Nov 24,2011

" I am living in the great speckled bird, We are living in the great speckled bird"

I couldn't get it out of my head. I thought.....maybe it is a message from the Lord ?
I googled " The Great Speckled Bird"
Jeremiah 12:9-17
We are going home soon !
I found this on youtube by Jim and jesse MacReynalds