KML (19 Nov 2011)
"Letter written by Gary Kah deligate Continental Congress 2011"

Esteemed deligates and fellow Americans

I have from the beginning of this Continental Congress remained largely silent. Observing, reflecting and praying over these proceedings while contemplating my own purpose for being at this gathering. During this time some things have come to weigh heavy on my heart. As the state of Indiana's only deligate I wish to address this body concerning these very important matters.
Late Friday night I awoke from a deep sleep being troubled in spirit. Not knowing why, I asked God to show me. After praying I reached for my Bible which fell open to Psalms 127. The first words I read were; Except the Lord build the house they labor in vain that build it. Except the Lord keep the City the watchman waketh but in vain.
Our founding fathers not only desired for freedom, they knew the giver of freedom. With their backs to the wall they cried out to God on their knees, asking for His devine intervention and guidance. Without His favor they understood their efforts would never succeed. The Lord in His mercy heard their passionate pleas and blessed their undertaking. We have been the beneficiaries of their wisdom and God's blessings for over two centuries.
During the past generation however our nation has moved away from it's godly roots, and we are now reaping the consequence. Rampant immorality and the lack of conscience inevitably lead to tyranny and destruction. When a nation insists on going it's own way without regard for the will of God; he lifts his protective covering. I believe that is beginning to happen.
If a nation refuses to repent of it's sins after God's repeated warnings and merciful calls to holy living, His judgment falls.
This has been the course of history. America is no exception.
Self reliance and boastful pride are hated by the Lord. Self suffciency distracts us from pursuing the things we really need that God only can give. All of the best laid plans and vigilant pursuits of freedom will fail if people do not genuinely humble themselves individually submitting their hearts to God.
Our founding fathers actively sought The Fathers will. They were not ashamed of His Son and most frequently prayed both corporately and individually in the name  of Jesus Christ. This is an historical fact.
Do we believe ourselves to be wiser than our founding fathers who we claim to emulate, after seeing the great freedoms their wisdom brought. This Congress if it desires Gods favor must operate within His will.
This begins with repentance and unashamed devotion to His Son. Our Lord is a merciful and compassionate God not wanting to destroy, but redeem His people. If this Congress and the people it represents truly repent and seek God's blessings in intervention on behalf of America; I believe He will hear our cry's. He will honor our efforts and restore our land. But; if we stubornly refuse to humble ourselves before the throne of Christ, any endeavors to keep America free will be crushed. Therefore; I strongly urge the members of this Continental Congress to set aside time to pray during this secession on your knees in the example and spirit of our founders. Pleading for God's forgiveness of our individual sins and the sins of our nation, and ask Him for His wisdom and favor.
This will be the most important action this assembly will take if it wishes to succeed.
I will be fasting and praying that the Lord convict our hearts and souls of our need for Him and of our destined failure without Him. May His will be done.
As we move beyond the midterm elections and the instalation of the new U S Congress, may we not make the mistake of putting our faith and trust primarily in politics. While getting a few pro-constitution conservatives into congress, it may be a step in the right direction, it will not save America. Only God can do that. And He will do so only if His people will repent of their sins and fervantly cry out for His intervention.
In whatever time we have left, I believe remnant christians will have moments of opertunety to do mighty exploits for the Lord. As there will be those who do respond to the truth as the End of Time synario unfolds.
As deciples of Jesus Christ we must therefore stay focused and not allow ourselves to be distracted by worldly passions and vain pursuits. We must redeem the time by allowing the Holy Spirit to work in and through us. I personally believe the time is short for Americas christians. If our days are in fact numbered, we must do all we can for the Lord while we are able. We must expose deception and proclaim the truth of Christ boldly, but in the spirit of love, remembering that we to are sinners that have been saved by the matchless grace of God. Above all it is important that we maintain in a close personal walk with the Lord. Recognizing that without his presence in our lives we are powerless against the spiritual forces of this fallen world and be in-effective in reaching the lost for Christ.
Jesus said; As the branch cannot bare fruit of itself unless it abides in the vine, neither can you unless you abide in me. I" am the vine, you are the branches. He who abides in me and I in him bares much fruit. For without me you can do nothing. 

Gary Kah
Indiana Deligate Constitutional Congress 

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