Kevin Mirasi (18 Nov 2011)


On the night of 17th November 2011, I had a dream. And in the dream, I found myself in a cave in Somalia, a war-torn country. I was with other 4 people and one of the people we were with threw an explosive and killed a group of the opposing warriors. After this, we hid in the caves and as I was trying to step out of the cave to survey the surrounding, I was spotted by a policeman. And was arrested and dragged back to my country. I was later handcuffed and was told by the policeman that I will be taken to court to answer to charges of murder, and that I will need to have a lawyer to defend me. And for some reason, I believed that I was not going to get a fair hearing to prove that I did not kill the warrior and that I was innocent. My other concern was whether I was going to get a lawyer who is brilliant enough to prove my case at the court.
At that moment, I could see in my heart a writing, and the writing stated, “The Righteous Judge is God Almighty and the Best Lawyer is Jesus Christ.”
I was then told by the policeman to wait for the lawyer who was to defend me. After a short while he arrived and after seeing him, I woke up.
After waking up from the dream, I wondered what the significance of the dream was since everytime I normally have a spiritual dream(dream I know is from the LORD) , I always feel it/know it the moment I wake up and I knew this was a spiritual dream, but I asked myself, what is the message/significance of this dream? Immediately I asked myself in my heart what the significance of the dream I just had was, I was reminded in my heart of the statement that was written in my heart during the dream: “The Righteous Judge is God Almighty and the Best Lawyer is Jesus Christ.”
This dream made me thinking: Is there an impending Judgment of the LORD?, Does it mean if I want to overcome this pending Judgment I have to have the best lawyer by my side?
Is the Judge that is going to handle this case Righteous and fair? I came to the conclusion that the answer to all those questions was YES.
Time is absolutely over we need to prepare in absolute repentance, righteousness and holiness and surrender to the best Lawyer for as to be assured of overcoming during the impending Judgment that now I believe and know is about to take place.

Kevin Mirasi