Kevin Mirasi (1 Nov 2011)

On the night of 28th October 2011, I had a dream. And in the dream, I saw very many people queuing to exchange their currency. Apparently there was a new currency in town and so people were queuing to exchange their old currency with this new one. Nobody could purchase anything with their former currency, it was the new currency that was now acceptable and so people were in a hurry/rash to exchange their currency to this new one.

While at this place, I was prompt in my heart to tell the people present that even though USA was planning to bomb Iran, it has to be known that Iran and Russia are together.
In my heart I was to understand that this was a period of Great tribulation and the one world currency was now operational and no buying or selling could take place without this new currency. And there was also an imminent war about to explode between USA and Iran (supported by Russia).

I then woke up from the dream.

Kevin Mirasi