Keith C (15 Nov 2011)
"Thanks Kevin, but no thanks."

You said several times that Revelation was addressed to “The Church”.

I said “No, it was addressed to the 7 churches which are in Asia”.


“The Church” is all whom have come to Christ.

The 7 churches which are in Asia are 7 churches which are in Asia.


I said exactly what I meant.  I didn’t “imply” some other meaning.

   “By your initial posted statement and implication,…”

   “You implied that Revelation is only a prophetic…”


I meant exactly what I said.  I didn’t “mean” something else.

    “Maybe you meant those seven Asian churches…”

   “If you also now mean the message of the book…”


Hermeneutics 101:

“When plain sense makes perfect sense, seek no other sense.”


I’ve addressed the actual statements that you made.

I don’t know WHAT your addressing. 


“If you also now mean the message of the book of Revelation is in no wise transmittable to any modern church congregation and simply to those seven churches in Asia, then almost the whole of the New Testament should have no pertenence to the modern church body (those saved) as a whole, as most of Paul's NT  letters are specifically addressed to various church bodies such as the one at Corinth, Thessolanica, etc. which no longer exist either.”


Really?  That’s what you think I said? 

Ok then Kevin.  Sorry for taking up your time.  I wish you the best.