Kari (18 Nov 2011)
"Culmination of what took place w/ crstal skulls"

I have watched various videos concerning the crystal skull journey across the US and it fits in well with biblical prophecy.  One video said it made a trek to very specific locations in the US, to make way for Quetzalcoatl to come back as prophesied.  This is true and let me tell you why.  Quetzalcoatl is the biblical Apollyon. 


Below are important points I want everyone to pick up:


*New fire ceremony (which I'm sure they did at one point at their ceremonies) and the Pleiadian passage in November 20and May 20, exactly 6 months apart.


*The united sun-Pleiades symbolize the serpent-bird deity Quetzalcoatl, and via precession (beginning in November) he slowly flies into his throne in the zenith.  That's in May!!  This is pagan idolatry of the return of Quetzalcoatl, here are two crop circles confirming as such:







Here's a quote from a new age web site, Graham Hancock I believe:


 And this was the day of the New Fire ceremony: in AD 1507 it was November 14th. Here’s the important connection. The date of the Pleiades’s midnight zenith passage defines an event that always occurs exactly ½ year later: the conjunction of the Pleiades with the sun. Let’s state it again: The midnight zenith-passage of the Pleiades defines the day exactly six months later when the sun and the Pleiades are in conjunction. Why is this important? Well, it’s difficult to know exactly when the sun and the Pleiades are in conjunction, because in fact the Pleiades are lost in the rays of the sun for over six weeks-the conjunction is not directly visible. Also, both the November date (Pleiadian zenith passage at midnight) and the May date (sun/Pleiades conjunction) move forward though the year with precession. By observing the shifting dates of the Pleiades’s midnight zenith-passage in November, Central Mexican astronomers knew the exact date of the sun-Pleiades conjunction in May. The last recorded New Fire ceremony (among the Aztecs, in 1507) occurred on November 14, confirming the fact that the sun and the Pleiades were in conjunction on May 14. But that’s not all. Here’s the clincher: May 14 th is 3 days before the solar zenith-passage date at Teotihuacan. And every 52 or 104 years, the New Fire date (and the implied May date) needed to shift one day forward to adjust for precession. In this process, it was known that the united sun-Pleiades were moving closer and closer to passing through the exact center of the sky, together, in some future era, on May 17. The united sun-Pleiades symbolize the serpent-bird deity Quetzalcoatl, and via precession he slowly flies into his throne in the zenith. Like the solstice-galaxy alignment, this sun-Pleiades-zenith alignment was wrapped up in an eschatological doctrine of the world’s future ending. But the entire timing in this model is subject to one’s latitude, which defines the era of convergence. As mentioned, at Teotihuacan, this zenith-passage date is May 17 (and it always remains the same; it doesn’t shift with precession). As a result, the sun-Pleiades-zenith alignment would have occurred over Teotihuacan in the early 1800s. However, when Tula took Teotihuacan’s New Fire tradition and shifted base camp north to Chichen Itza, they effectively recalibrated their end-date. At Chichen the zenith-passage begins on May 20 th (there’s a six-day range), resulting in a sun-Pleiades-zenith convergence to begin in the 21 st century. Incredibly, this brought the two precession-tracking method into agreement, for the solstice-galaxy alignment also occurs in the 21 st century.


While many do not think America is present day Babylon, think again!  We have a president who was elected in Nov 2008 or 'given a mouth' as the Bible says, to speak proud words and blasphemies 42 months.  Nov 2008 + 42 months= May 2012!!!   It all comes down to May 2012, my belief is that is the time of the 5th trumpet.  We can pin that tail if he dies, resurrects with the spirit of Apollyon (aka quetzalcoal).  Look @ Rev 13, the false prophet breathed life into the image of the beast:  gave life: greek is pneuma, it's a spirit!  Image=greek is representation, or one can say body.  So the false prophet will give him a spirit in his body to resurrect.  Remember the last king is from one of the previous 7 kings, he is the 8th and is going to destruction.  Rev 17:11.  So the 8th king is one of the previous kings.