Julia Eze (28 Nov 2011)
"A dream I had"

Hi Doves,
I'm a newcomer to the five doves site,happened to come across it early this year. I've been encouraged and blessed by the spiritual words being shared on this site, I pray that God will strengthen all of us and uphold us till he comes to take us away. I want to share a dream a had a couple of nights back. I've been having lots of dreams and revelations since last year I joined the Holy Ghost School, God has been revealing to me the coming judgments on the earth and many things happening in the spiritual realm.
In this dream,was walking with one of my younger brothers, I looked up and saw the earth covered with flood. People were moving from the area already flooded to the areas that were still dry. I told my brother that this people do not know that the flood will cover the whole earth, and that there's no need to run away but to lean on God and on Jesus,as I was still speaking, the heavens opened and the Lord Jesus appeared with his angels,and rapture took place,and I began to go up. As I was going up,I grapped my brother so he would go with me, but he didn't move,it was as if something was drawing him down,so I left him and went up,then I woke up.
God bless you all.
Julia Eze, Nigeria.