Julia (17 Nov 2011)
"Dream about earthquake in Spain"

On the night of the 13th, I had a brief dream about Spain. I was looking at a map and it zoomed in on the countries of Spain/Portugal. Because I saw ocean all around the left side, I'm guessing Portugal is included.  In my mind, I instantly knew "7.4 earthquake".  Dream over.

So I was browsing the news online on the 14th and saw that there was a large underwater eruption and 4.7 in the Azores and a large eruption in the Canary Islands.  I'm wondering if I saw the 7.4 backwards. I do recall feeling frozen with this knowledge, realization, fear or anticipation (whatever you want to call it) that something was about to happen. It's strange considering there are so many larger earthquakes happening around the world all the time. Sooo... something about Spain?  Are the Canary Islands/Azores going to set off a major disaster?