Judy Morford (14 Nov 2011)
"Marilyn Agee's Critical Financial Situation"

Dear John and Five Doves,
Marilyn has been a faithful servant of the Lord, studying, writing, sharing in her books and her postings her response to the Lord's command to "watch" for his return. In his stronger days, Ed was her determined encourager to support and promote her God lead efforts. The years have progressively robbed Marilyn and Ed of their physical strength as happens to all humanity.  Now they are faced with an immediate financial need, I am quoting Marilyn from her site The Prophecy Corner:

> > Here's hoping you and Ed are doing as well as possible under all the circumstances.

Ed has been in bed ever since we both got pneumonia in March 2010. He is very weak, can't sit up by himself, let alone stand up.

I have permanent fibrosis in my lungs, but I passed the breathing test ok. The fibrosis doesn't bother me, but scared the Doctor. She sent me to a specialist, but there is not much you can do about it.

Being in the hospital ruined us financially. We are hanging on by our fingernails, not able to pay all our bills, and I have to pay the first installment of Property Taxes ($1156.16) by Dec 10 or lose my Reverse Mortgage on the house.
Those of you who have been longterm Doves may recall that when Pastor Riley's wife died and he did not have enough money to bury her, the Doves were part of his ability to pay for her burial.  Now, another dear Saint is in an immediate and critical situation.  All of us have been effected by the global shakiness of the economy and the stock market's panic over the slightest and then again, the most serious threats for nations to default. Still, Paul, himself pleaded for the church to set aside money for the needs of fellow saints.  Have we all given our full tithe? Now is the end of the year and while Marilyn's situation may not give you a tax deduction, it will most certainly be credited to your eternal account.  Her address is:8641 Sugar Gum Rd, Riverside, CA 92508, USA; (951) 653-4110.
  May the Lord lead us individually to give as we are able in order to remove this immense stress and bring the Agees current with their taxes and their bills.  They lost their life savings through no fault of their own and now need to be blessed by believers who care about them.  
Judy Morford