J Thomas (26 Nov 2011)
"How to forgive-vision of the Bridal Gown"

In prayer, I had a peculiar vision. I saw a beautiful white Bridal Gown; it was embroidered with beautiful flowers, flowing, breathtaking. However, as I looked closely, I saw that it was wrinkled, very wrinkled. It took some time to pray and receive an interpretation of the vision. When it came, my heart broke. The Lord showed me that wrinkles resemble unevenness or disunity. His Body is not One yet. I have since been praying accordingly. Unforgiveness is one factor that divides His Body.

In the letters to the churches in Revelation, Jesus warns His people to return to their first love, Him. Jesus said that the greatest of all the commandments were to love the Lord with our whole hearts and our neighbor. The night before Jesus died, he repeatedly told his disciples to love one another, to be one. In Acts, Jesus in essence told Saul, later known as Paul, that which Saul did to his people, Saul did it unto Jesus. So, when we hate our brother in Christ, we hate our Jesus.

Satan would have us divided. Hatred and unforgiveness among Christians is at an epidemic level. Every one of us has had someone hurt us, some have wounds so deep they do not know how to forgive. I was one of those, but by the grace of God, I have walked through the steps victoriously. This post below  was written to help you too walk through the same steps. When the Lord returns for us, will he find a Bride whose garment is without wrinkle? 


J Thomas