Jovial (30 Nov 2011)
"Euro crash and one world currency"

There has been a lot of talk about the euro crashing in the news and for years many in the church have predicted a one world currency. The bible does not say there will be a one world currency. Only that all will take the same mark. The crash of the euro might deep six a one world currency by showing what a problem it is. All of europe may suffer for what Greece and Italy did.

Local currency is better. Real silver and gold is even better.  But if all currencies die your best currency might be canned goods or easy to trade items. 

The euro could crash soon,  quite opposite of what many expected.  Many have predicted a one world currency will come but the euro is proving that may be impossible.  The bible doesnt tell us there will be a one world currency but one a worldwide mark of some sort. Sometimes we do more harm than good by reading too much into prophecy.