Josua (23 Nov 2011)
"Dr. Owuor, 25. Nov. 2011, BE READY."

Dear Doves

out of curiosity, I looked up when Dr. Owuor had his Visions of the 4 horsemen (first 4 seals of Revelation). As documented on www.repentandpreparetheway,org,
the dates are:

1st Seal:  11. Nov. 2003
2nd Seal: 2. April 2004
3rd Seal: 19. Aug. 2008
4th Seal: 29. July 2009

The counted days between the visions are: 

143 days + 1600 days + 344 days = 2087 days.

The average counted days between 2 Seals are: 2087 days / 3 = 695.666 days.

Hence mathematically guessing the date for the 5th Seal leads to:

11. Nov. 2003 + 4* 695.666 = 25. June 2011

I don't remember anything spectacular happening on 25. June. But I found one thing interesting:

25. June + 153 days = 25. Nov 2011, which is a new Moon with a partial Eclipse. It reminds me of Dr. Owuors recent vision about the eclipse (!

From different Interviews (youtube Videos) with Dr. Owuor, I remember the following:
  • He personally thinks that the rapture occurs before Israel attacks Iran.
  • He had 2 visions about Israel attacking Iran. In the recent one he said it will be in 2011.
  • In a sermon, he taught clearly that the rapture is before (or at the same time as) the fifth seal is opened.
So assuming that he is truly a prophet, the only conclusion can be that the rapture happens before 2012.

Now I also want to share something else with you. I recently had a dream where I was outside and saw a very bright blue light and as soon as I saw it I knew this is the rapture and at the same moment I was already 10 feet above ground. So nice so good, BUT: In that dream, I was shocked like never before in my life. It felt like dying from pure shock, suffering an instant heart attack. Although I am waiting for the rapture and am telling everybody around me about it, I realized that I am not 100% ready. I was so shocked in that dream that I was NOT ready. While raptured, I instantly knew that EVERY CHANCE to do something for Jesus is over now and I was really desperate about it. I knew it had eternal consequences. I was truly shocked. Maybe this dream was just for me to wake me up once more, but maybe it is also for others. Of course we are looking forwards to the rapture and it is our redemption and blessed hope and we don't have to be afraid. But as I had that dream, there is one thing I really want to tell you: Be ready my friends, BE READY and prepare! Prepare as if you were going on holidays. If you're late the plane won't wait. Pack up your stuff, clean up the house and leave notes and Bibles for those you love.

If there is something left to say to somebody from your family or friends, say it now. A word of love maybe or a serious sorry to somebody?
If there is something left you want to do for Jesus, do it now. Maybe now is the moment you have to go and approach somebody on the street and give a testimony. If not now, then maybe you will never have a chance to do that again.

Watch & Pray!
YBIC, Josua