Jo Peckinpaugh (3 Nov 2011)
"to Mary Adams:  Greece and David Wilkerson's Prophecy"


Hi Mary!  I am a student of David Wilkerson's, have his books, listen to his sermons, and SO thankful for this precious man of God.  He is sorely missed.

When I read your message, I was wondering where you had gotten this from?  Portions do sound like Wilkerson's end time warnings, but I've never heard of anything specific like this, nor have I been able to locate this in any of his writings or messages.  I did find the following response from his ministry online, in response to this exact message you had everything on the internet, we have to check and double check, but this seems to be a legitimate response to this question.  What do you think?  Do you have a reference for your posting?  Regardless, we DO KNOW time is short, don't we?  and we ALSO KNOW Jesus is coming soon!!  Blessings -- Jo Peckinpaugh

Thank you for contacting our ministry.

We have received many letters, e-mails and questions from concerned friends regarding a prophecy that has been circulating in cyber space attributed to David Wilkerson. Please know that we are not circulating this prophecy and do not know who is. You will not find it in any of our publications or materials. It was not preached at the Times Square Church, but a number of years ago was given (in essence) at a special meeting, which someone evidently taped and has circulated ever since.

Reverend Wilkerson addresses financial and economic conditions of the world in many of his messages. He has preached messages in which he quotes statistics from current (at the time) secular news magazines, articles and newspapers, that make reference to the economy of the world and the United States and the near economic collapse. These statistics do sound a little like the prophecy that is being circulated, however, we would recommend that you order Reverend Wilkerson's tapes and hear his sermons in their entirety.

Should you be interested in these particular messages, they are tape #557,"The Secret of Strength in Perilous Times," and tape #558, "I Shall Fear No Evil." These tapes may be special ordered for $3 each + $2 for postage and handling. You may send your order along with payment to the Lindale, Texas address below. These sermons were never published as messages in the Times Square Church Pulpit Series, so we do not have them in printed form.

You may also call in a credit card order at 903-963-8626. We accept Visa, Discover, American Express and MasterCard as a method of payment.

Again, thank you for your interest and your concern. May the Lord be with you.

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Jo Peckinpaugh
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