John B (21 Nov 2011)

I concur with what you are saying.......... in that Satan seems to be putting on a full court press at the moment.  Divorce, discourse of every variety, extreme immorality, sickness and death are spreading like a flu outbreak. And I am very saddened to hear in your words that the wicked one has paid you a visit as well.
I haven't been a follower of Doves for a long time as many have but I do recall many of your posts and know that you are a true warrior and follower of Christ our Lord. I know like the other Doves that you are so anxious to hear that trumpet blow and be caught up to be with Him in the clouds..... and there is a very good chance that you will. I heard through the grapevine though that He is looking for some exceptional people to be on the welcoming committee up there in the clouds. So if worse comes to worse for you I got to believe you will be one of those exceptional people He's chosen to welcome us home.
Hang in there......we a praying for your recovery
   Blessings......John B