Johan S (14 Nov 2011)
""Not in winter" by Paul Wilson"

Re: "Not in winter"? by Paul Wilson
Dear Paul,
The "flight" as mentioned in Matth. 4:20 and Mark 13:18 does NOT refer to the rapture. Jesus (as in major parts of the gospels) directed his words mostly to the JEWS. He referred to the time when, in the middle of the tribulation (after 3 1/2 years), the antichrist will defile the rebuilt temple of the jews in Jerusalem, called the Abomination of Desolation. He will declare himself to be god and will start the most terrible persecution of the jews ever, also called the Time of Jacobs Trouble. The jews will literally flee for their lives! Since this will take place in Israel, it is important that this event will not take place in winter, for that would make this flight even more terrible and difficult. That is why we have to pray that this will not take place in wintertime. As a consequence, assuming that this prayer will be answered, the rapture should take place in winter! When Jesus spoke these words, the church did not even exist yet! Hoping to have clarified this subject, I remain, in the love of Jesus. (I hope my english is OK, since I am a Dutch citizen, living in the Caribbean)
Johan S