Johan (17 Nov 2011)
"To Paul"

To Paul Wilson.
Thank you, Paul, for your compliment about my english!
No, no wooden shoes (never wore them), certainly not here in the tropics!  CA RIB BE AN (emphasis on italics) is the way we pronounce it. In the local language here it is called KARIBE.
Johan is short for Johannes (my full name), the dutch equivalent of John, which means God is Grace.  I live on the beautiful tropical island of Curacao (next to Aruba), less than an half hour flying from Venezuela. I came here at 25 and live here already for more than 48 years, so you can guess my age. Once used to the easy-going island lifestyle you can never live again in a country like Holland with all its rules and bureaucracy. My son and daughter went to Holland in '89 and 90 respectively for higher study and never came back, except for vacation every other year. So I am just on my own (my wife died almost 7 years ago). But not really alone, for God's presence is very strong in my life. And I still enjoy life and have wonderful friends.
I am not much of a writer, so you will not see me that often on Five Doves. I usually write as the Holy Spirit guides me. And I do not agree with many things I read. God has given me much knowledge and a spirit of discernment and I have studied the prophetic Word since my youth.
Greetings and God bless.