Joe M (19 Nov 2011)
"Pauline's Dream"

Dear Doves,
This dream my wife received November 17th.
I was in this big building with other people.  And my youngest son was there.  And other children were there.  It's a place where seemingly we must stay before we leave.  I went outside and drove our car on this dirt road.  I went to this small house to see this girl who was my daughter's friend.  Where she was it did not look too good.  She was playing gospel cd's.  There was a particular gospel song I liked and I told her to make me a copy to take back with me.  Then it was time for me to go back to the building.  And in the dream I kept hearing a song - "going to the chapel and we're gonna get married... going to the chapel of love."  I heard this song over and over throughout the whole dream.  Dream continued and I looked at the clock and it was 2:21.  I remembered I was supposed to be back at the building before 3:00.  I asked my daughter's friend how to get back to the building and she pointed to the left, the road to the left.  But in my spirit, I felt I must go right.  So I went right.  I began to hurry down the road and saw a young man coming and I asked him how to get there.  He said either road will get me there.  But I continued right.  In the dream, I saw a lady I knew from when I was a little girl.  I told her to come with me and she was happy.  We started walking, then came to what looked like a house.  There were no doors, but you had to go through it to get back to the building.  It seemed to be connected to the path.  I saw someone cooking.  A young girl was taking food from the pot while it was being cooked, eating it and eating it.  There were about 4 people.  They seemed to be suffering.  They seemed poor and hungry and not nicely dressed.  The lady I told to come with me seemed to know them.  She was talking to them.  But I was thinking I must go because I have to be at the building before 3:00.  Now I looked and there were two small roads, very small dirt roads.  I kept looking at them wondering which was to go to get back to the building.  I felt myself waking up from the dream, but was allowed to see the rest of the dream.  I could still hear the song being sang.  I saw my car and drove it.  I saw the building.  Everyone there was happy to see me.  They were excited.  They were wearing white gowns.  As I got out of the car heading towards the building I suddenly changed into a white gown.  I got there at 2:45.  They were happy I got there before 3:00.  I got in the building.  Josiah, my youngest son, was grown.  He was about 18 or 20.  I said my son.  The voice said, "he's not your son anymore, he's your brother."  It wasn't long before that we were all going up.  I heard a voice saying something like, "give glory to the King."  Other words being spoken I can't remember.  I wanted to look back at the building to make sure no one was left.  In my heart, I wanted the building to be empty.  A voice said to me, "do not look back."  But I was able to see the building.  It was empty.
My thoughts:  I wondered why I left the building.  I went to bring others in, to get them to come.  The roads in the dream, left and right, looked identical.  But we must keep right.  The road is small and narrow, but it's the only way to go.  Dirt road, not smooth and not easy, rough.  The house where I saw the people suffering.  We must go through it to stay on the path.  We must go through rough times and suffering.  Don't listen to people who say both roads lead to heaven.  Not true.  Don't look for the best road.  Choose the small and narrow road.  Lastly, continue to work, witnessing to others while we're waiting for our wonderful Lord to appear.  We must share the gospel of Jesus Christ.  Tell them the truth.  We must tell them because we love them.  It is almost 3:00.  He's coming.  Don't just sit and wait.  Work, please work for the Lord.  He's on his way.  I can still hear that song in my spirit.  A lot of people are hungry for food.  Feed them the Word of God.  Tell them the truth, not man's way or tradition.  Many people are lost and on their way to hell.  We can't pat them on the back, laugh with them and allow them to perish.  Hell is forever.  Neverending.  It goes on and on.  The pain and suffering that lost souls will endure for eternity.  We must get busy and reach them now.  Keep your garments pure until He comes.  God Loves You.
God Bless,