Joe Callaway (25 Nov 2011)

Alot of people gave serious hype to the 11-11-11 of this year, while overlooking the fact that 11-29-11
is also a 11-11-11, in occultic numerology. Also, this day lands on a Tues, 9-11 took place on a Tues. Makes me wonder if there is any credence to this stuff, that would be the real day of an event. Of course, I admit freely this is speculation. It's been interesting watching all the devolopments over this past year. Comet Elenin, Japan Quake, the Muslim Brotherhood, Chrislam, the OWS movement... I think 2012 is going to be even more dramatic, since Jesus likened this to "birth pangs". Anyhow, keep looking up, our Redemption is indeed drawing nigh. Maranatha